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November 10th, 18XX, Horror at the Observatory

I had arrived back at the observatory from getting equipment out of storage, to find Canergak and an assortment of urchins on the observation deck of the observatory, over looking the large vortex that opened up in the water below. We had gpone out the night before to capture one of the creatures to experiment on.  The first one, after carefully setting a trap, baiting with another reanimated canine, adjusting my gauntlets to reflect a similar frequency to the creatures, and finding an iron hammer to use as an antenna for the frequency as I bludgeon the fishman apparantly, the fishman combusted, (likely from Canergak’s own pack.).  The second attempt proved more fruitfull, as a deep one was not only procured, but we managed to hold it in one of Canergak’s reinforced cells.  The same cell he had somehow carter to the top of the observatory tower, for reasons I’m assuming.  I quickly set up an aetheric ray cannon aimed at the vortex just in case, as we tried the last level of desperate ideas based on the Deep One’s apparant dislike for fire…  


Canergak had fireworks….


I honestly had not expected much to come of it, but as Dagon or whatever Old One attempted to cross into this dimension, and tentacles rose from the swirling vortex in the sea, and the walls of the observatory, and my cobblestones..  Canergak set off the fireworks while I fired off the turret.

Amazingly it worked.  After momentarily looking as angry as a tentacle could, they retreated into the portal, the smaller ones growing everywhere’s else retreating as well.  There were a few outcroppings still sprouting from the grounds, but the urchins lime bombs and my old aetheric lightning pack seemed to finish them off.


We went back upstairs to check on the captured deep one, finding the door left ajar.  Someone had apparantly let it out, I blame Nathaniel Effingham, seeing as to how Moundshroud exploded, and it’s the offspring of the fish he worships afterall.


The invasion may have been halted, but there may still be some deep ones in the area.  Though, with the backdoor their god could get through now closed, it’s possible they may all wander back to sea.  I’ve sent communications to city hall advising protective grates over all canal outlets to sea, but don’t expect to hear much back, I may erect more turrets aimed south just in case though

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