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The Imprisoned Dagonite

The commotion from above had roused Canergak from his lower office and brought him to the third floor. Evangeline Quinn, the assistant nurse of Professor Vartanian, had discovered one of the subjects was regurgitating a seemingly eternal stream of salt water, bile, and living squid.  The sheer amount ruled out the immediate possibility that someone could have snuck in these creatures and forced the subject to eat them.

The lanky professor was searching his vest pockets for another set of spectacles as he explained, “The last time he did this, when they were first coughed up, the squid were still alive. It was very unlikely to be from when he fell in the canal before he was locked up for how long he continued to do so, but I was willing to stretch the thought.”

“Is the subject still alive?” Canergak inquired as he began to move towards the locked door in the windowless hallway that was illuminated by only a few low powered lanterns, though this meant little to the diminuitive man.  “If he is dead we could easily disect him to discover the root cause of this phenomena.”

“Mr. Moundshroud?”  Quinn asked as she turned her head lethargically towards Canergak. Her senses and motions obviously dulled by some form of inebriation. “He’s very much alive.. but in need of a bath…”

“The showers are installed.”  Canergak replied duly and paid little heed to the actual response he recieved.  Their attention was focused on the subjects door now, which was completely silent now.  “Did they say anything of import?”

“Nothing coherent..”  Quinn replied as the woman moved behind the Professor as she noticed that Canergak was reaching for their key chain.  Professor Rance seemed apprehensive as well as he had requested earlier that day for more muscle to restrain the dangerous patients.

Canergak deliberately turned the key, the sound of the lock opening eerily punctuated in the now silent hallway, and then opened the door slowly.  Sitting there in his own waste was what may have once been Ezekiel Moundshroud.  The poor wretch was now covered in their own waste and fidgeting squids which were dripping down their straight jacket.  Their pale white skin, guant cheeks, and dark circles around their eyes punctuated the hungry and insane stare that the man had for his three visitors, “The Masters Children are HERE!!

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  1. Felisa Fargazer Felisa Fargazer November 5, 2013

    Lisa Fargazer slipped away from her hiding place, frowning worriedly.  The past couple of days had been full of disturbances–the attacks on the observatory and Mr. Footman’s home, the narrow escapes by the urchins (that news had been brought to her by her brother, Fourclaws), and now this.  Even the normally-phlegmatic Jane was upset, and it had taken some work by Lisa to convince her to stay.

    As she descended the stairs, a sudden thought gave her pause.  If this man was truly connected to the fish-creatures, did that mean… might they come here, looking for him?  Lisa shuddered and continued down to her duties, hoping she was wrong.

  2. M. Canergak M. Canergak November 5, 2013

    Canergak waited downstairs for Professor Vartanian to join them again after the patient had been anesthetized and cleaned.  He gestured for the professor to walk with them and as he led the way to the garden asked, “What is your diagnosis at this moment?”

    “That is terribly hard to say aside from the obvious dementia..” the professor replied with caution as he followed.  “I haven’t seen anything in medical science before that could possibly explain the squid problem, obviously.  People crying blood, yes, but projecting live squid?” Vartanian shook their head slowly.  He seemed grounded despite being introduced to a concept beyond his knowledge, a trait that Canergak admired.  “I did hear of a sort of religious cult order that had a facility in the hills that the subject mentioned a few times.  Their deity of choice seemed to be some sort of sea god…I hesitate to lend credence to it, but it seems certainly linked, whether it is somehow his mind producing the effect or… well, I don’t yet want to admit the impossible.”

    The dwarf could appreciate the mans skepticism, but as men of science they were required to accept and test evidence.  “When a man speaks of a ‘sea gods’ children, and proceeds to project unnatural sea life into my facility, I am forced to take measures to disprove or prove if something is related or not.”

    Proffesor Vartanian sighed, slipping his spectacles off for a moment to clean them on his waistcoat once again. “It’s one thing to rule out the possible, but how do you test to disprove the impossible?”

    Canergak had already passed through the front door and was about to reply when a shotgun blast was fired from the direction of their neighbor accompanied by the snarls from some horrific beast. 

    “I will let you know when I find the answer to that riddle, Professor.”  Canergak said as they made their way to the gates.

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