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The end of a safe place

It was a quiet evening at the Vole.  Only a few urchins were there other than Lilith.  Hardly anyone stayed long with the fishmen reappearing, but at least they were starting to have some supplies for winter stored again.  Lilith had just put on a fresh pot of Vole stew when she heard something outside.

 Lilith slid back down signalling for the few urchins inside to be quite, as not to attract the creature. it was a few moments before Kids began to screech as it was heading up the stair case towards the doorway There were shouts and some fired shots, but the creature didn’t seem to be slowed down as it went out of sight of the window.

After a little bit of time they heard a crashing sound as Lilith looked over she saw the creature burst though the wood door to the upper part of the vole, her eyes going wide as she felt her blood run cold the creature letting off a screech as she let herself drop down to the floor of the lower part of the vole, looking freaked she saw the other urchins confused as she thought to herself and yelled out “GET TO THE RAFT” she says as she starts to usher the panicked urchins towards the back of the vole.

Her heart racing as she turns around at a loud thud seeing the Deep one drop to the floor after having made a mess of the upstairs she reaches into her pocket pulling out a small vial of milky white fluid as she throws the vial at the creature, as it shatters a thick white smoke starts to fill the area, she knew it would not last long but should by them a few moments to get everyone out. She gets out onto the makeshift dock as the last of the urchins board the raft, but as she loosens the raft to let it float the current of the canals pulled it to far to fast for her to get herself on board, a few urchins had leaped in the water attempting to swim to the other side to escape the beast, but this was bad, had Tepic been here this would not have gone this way, as her attention is grabbed as a large clawed arm starts to grab at the air from the small escape path the urchins had, her heart racing as she moved back up the stairs, as she let out a scream for help. Not sure if anyone would hear her.

She was trapped either risk getting nailed by a wiggy fish which by now where probably near from all the commotion or be eating by the deep one, her heart racing as she got on the railing of the small structure and tossed her staff into the water, as she screamed out for help again, as she was about ready to jump and swim, though… she did not know how, she would hope for the best as something caught her attention, a voice, one she remembered and in a way feared…. Canergak he was near trying to find out who was yelling as she against her better judgement responds in a way he would know who she was “CANERGAK ITS ME…” she heard him tell her he was coming as she soon heard a thud in the building. The noise had caught the attention of the deep one as it moved away from the door that it had almost fully busted through.

She starts to tremble as blood starts to trickle from her nose her heart racing as she hears a bit of commotion inside before she hears Canergak yell for her to get inside now, as she does she sees him firing a strange weapon at the beast as he tells her to go get help, even though she was in pain from her back she bolted to the pole and clambered up fleeing the  once safe place they had as she ran onto the street, her mind swirling as she thought of help, she starts to scream for help and goes to one place she knows might have help the asylum.

As she gets to the gates and onto the grounds she bursts though the main door “HELP HELP” she screams out as Professor Rance and Mr Fade show up to see whats going on, as she tries to tell them help Canergak but is out of breath as professor Rance took off towards the warrens to go find the asylum head. Lilith falls to her knees coughing up blood and groaning, the strain of everything and her medicine not working like it should lately had caught up with her as Grendal shows up to see whats the commotion is he aids her in getting her meds into her, as she blacks out waking some time later in a bed in a upper office of the asylum surrounded by Mr. Fade, Grendal, Professor Rance and Canergak. As she is notified about the loss of the warrens safe place.

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  1. Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin November 7, 2013

    Bugg… bother! What is it bout unchin places, vlown up, invaded by fishmen, mad blokes building infernal machines in the cellars… Gettin so’s yer can’t kip down in peace no more!

  2. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon November 7, 2013

    This is bad news indeed!

    I have sent a couple of the dust bunnies to the old solar collector tower to make certain everything is ok there, but its not really suitable for lots of urchins. I think there are a couple of small crates of dry rations over there as well. *nods*

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