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11.05.18XX: meeting at the asylum

I had been in the observatory, trying to make out words in the burnt Book of Dagon, when I heard croaking in the distance again, loaded my pistol and ventured out, 

I made my way over to the asylum to see this patient Dr. Vartanian had mentioned, a moreu opened the door, he had an ill looking urchin with a fox tail (possibly moreu descent) wheo was bleeding from her nose and trying to state how one of the fishmen was after her.  Apparantly she had an affliction and needed regular medication, wich she collapsed before she could take it or I could ask the nature of her affliciton.  Preparing one of my own syringes, I administered the medication she had produced to her, and was asking the morau if there was an available cot when Vartanian and Carnegak entered, one from I assume deeper in the asylum, and the shorter one from outside.  

They lead the way to a well furnished room, and i placed the comatose urchin on the couch as we discussed the fishmen more.  Carnegak seemed to have a fair knowledge of the Deep Ones. He had apparantly tried to capture one utilizing a type of pack, wich sounded similar to my anti-ectotheric lightning packs, but based on principles of aetheric frequencies instead. 

Unfortunatly, the warrens were burnt in the fight, though  the commotion did allow the urchins inside to escape, and the deep one apparantly did not like the flames.

The short man stated he simply needed to adjust the frequencies of his pack.


While we were discussion the fishmen, there was a loud commotion upstairs, causing Dr. Vartanian and the moreu, Mr. Fade to go handle it, eventually they started calling for me to come up as the urchin was just waking up again.  I went upstairs and after some time attempting to navigate the doors, found them, with a straitjacketed, squirming man, lots of blood and brine, and Mr. Fade with a squid attached to his face. 

The man, Moundshroud, was the patient mentioned to me previously, This time, rather than vomiting squid, he apparantly launched them from his newly vacated eye sockets,.  I gave some of the balm I had to Vartanian to spread on the man’s eye sockets as i prepared bandages.  The man was ranting, but apparantly knew of the Deep Ones, his eyes were taken because he had ‘seen too many of their wonders’ by an ‘angel’  and ranted also of visions of the deep ones , ruins, the angel again (unclear if it was a cloud angel) and wheels of fire with nine eyes.  I wanted to ask more, but he flopped to the floor and just remained silent, unwilling to say more, or finally in shock from the removal of his eyes.  I aided Fade and Vartanian in hauling Moundshroud to his cell.  and Mr. Fade procured a bucket and began to try cleaning all the blood as the asylum nurse arrived, Miss Quinn.  She was apparantly blond.  and asked if there was a mrs. Footman, to wich I mention the last woman with that name likely is still divided into millions of atoms, then a door hit me.  At this point, I decided it would be a good idea to return home and work on the repairs.

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