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Nov 3rd 18xx, after the grand tour debacle

I was in the observatory, flipping through the charred pages of the Book of Dagon to find something legible about the deep ones (that wasn’t burnt to a crisp) when I heard a racket from outside.  I went out to the observation deck to see one of the deep ones destroying my sign, ripping up my flagstones, and being a general nusiance.  then….it ate Fritzy! the poor little pooch only managed a bare couple weeks of unlife before being eaten.  I went back in and searched my desk for the revolver, adnidst more smashing sounds from outside. (naturally the iron pengi were all out on another one of their ‘national holidays’ of drinking heavily and starting fights.)

Finding the pistol, I went back out to the decking and tried to fire at the creature, to at least drive it off.  it ignored my shots as it happily clawed at the observatory doors while people from the asylum next door shouted words of encouragement (or possibly curses, as there may have been a few ricochetes)


Eventually it must have grown bored, as it left back to the canals.  I emerged from the observatory to look over the vandalism as the gentlemen from the asylum came over.  Dr.s Canergak  and Vartanian.  we discussed the fishmen, (and i may have dropped a mention of  my research into reanimating the dead, wich seemed to interest Canergak), and they mentioned a patient of their who not only had been vomiting sea water and live squid lately, but also seemed to know about the deep ones before the other Effingham announced the cities doom.

I pointed out I may be interested in meeting this individual if possible, they seemed alright with the idea, stating I should come by the asylum sometime.  then they left back to the asylum and I went back to surveying the damage.

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