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Pocket String

Archivist note: This article is from an older recovered archive and might be obsolete or in need of updating.

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Pocket String is hob. He came to New Babbage in the early spring of (2010), at first living in a camp under the rail bridge outside the city gate. He attempted to move into Stargirl MacBain’s house, due to the fact she was in the habit of leaving a bowl of milk on her back step. He was also attracted to the Underbridge Cottage by Phaedra Underby‘s singing.

Mayor Tenk drove Pocket out of the city on several occasions as a potential trouble maker, but later invited him into the city to assist in undermining Mr. Underby‘s power base during the time Underby lived at the Underbridge Cottage. Pocket and Tenk were often seen working together on fishing nets during the srizzle snake infestation of Iron Bay.

==At The Gangplank==

Tenk agreed to let Pocket stay in the city after Underby was driven out under condition that he find proper employment. He was hired by Finley Twine as a bartender at The Gangplank, along with Maggie Lynwood just before St. Patrick’s Day. He and Maggie were left with the bills after Fin was abducted by a gang of pirates and Dr. Dayafter left town without paying the bill from Finn’s liquor merchants. Stargirl MacBain kept him and Maggie on after she became the new owner of the Gangplank.

Pocket and Pip Steamer fell into a territorial feud when Phaedra Underby moved into the old bakery adjacent to the Gangplank that had been uncovered by the fire. Pocket was banned from the Bakery until Pip joined Mr. Underby at his new house on West Abney Parkway. Pocket quickly took to minding the oven fires, but the trouble he had caused Phaedra before was not easily forgiven. After causing a considerable mess in the bakery one night with Maggie A Bit O' Fun Phaedra threatened to kill him by trying to force him into one of the ovens. She was interrupted by Mr. W– and others who overheard the ruckus and came to his aid.


”’Kick me out, will she?”’ ”by Pocket” Kick me out, will she

”’Bottles in the Grate”’ ”by Pip” The Bottles in the Grate

”’I’ll show her!”’ ”by Pocket” I'll show her!

”’I’ll show him too!”’ ”by Pocket” I'll show him too!

”’It’s so fun living with the Underbys”’ ”by Stargirl” It's So Fun Living with the Underbys

”’Frustrations”’ ”by Phaedra” Frustrations

”’A Bit o’Fun”’ ”by Maggie” A Bit O' Fun

”’No Rest For The Wicked”’ ”by Phaedra” No Rest for the Wicked

”’Let’s go to America, Maggie”’ ”by Pocket” Let's go to America, Maggie

==Pocket’s “Afterlife”==

Pocket, shaken by the burning of his sitting stool and finding difficulty adapting to the modern world, asked Maggie to run away to America with him. Maggie insisted on leaving as soon as possible by train, but Pocket demanded to wait for a sea ship leaving under an auspicious moon, following Pip’s oracle, that “if by sea, you’ll be free.” On the eve of their leaving, they were making their last rounds of the town. Pocket was fascinated by the large reality enforcer that had been placed in the graveyard to capture the Slenderman, and despite Maggie’s warnings, got too close and fell into a coma. His body was found later and brought to Tenk’s clocktower.[] Maggie stayed with Pocket and soon fell into a torpor of her own. Maggie’s Soliloque Tenk hid the pair in the tunnels under the cathedral where ‘forgotten things are kept’ until they could be roused. Maggie’s Dream

Maggie eventually roused herself, on the journey home but Pocket never recovered. He appeared three times in fireplace at The Gangplank to give a warning to Stargirl MacBain about Mr. Loosestrife, The Argument Letter to Ravila Oct-2 188x and patrons of the Bucket of Blood have said they have seen the outline of a small child sitting in the flames of the hearth there. But considering what is in some of the bottles sitting under the bar at the Bucket, such sources cannot be considered credible.

The current location of Pocket’s body is mystery. News from the Other Side It was first placed by Mr. Tenk under the bed platform in Maggie’s sheepwagon maggie’s doors. just right., Tenk telling her never to look in the cabinet or ask what was in it so that the contents would be ‘protected by uncertainty.’ Maggie took the crate to the attic of the Militia headquarters and stacked it among some identical looking crates. After the ownership of the Gangplank changed hands, Stargirl MacBain had opened the crates, and told Tenk she had found Pocket’s still living body and that she intended to use at as a bargaining chip with Mr. Loosestrife. Tenk was furious, saying that no one could know where he was, to keep it from falling into Mr. Loosestrife’s influence, as he believed that Pocket was now in his thrall, and further questioned MacBain’s loyalties and asked her when she intended to rat him out to the Church as she had done with Pip. MacBain repacked the crate and sent it overseas, with instructions that it be forwarded to another location that she would not be made knowledgeable of.

So while we can be very certain of the current state of Pocket String, we can say very little as to his location.

”’News from the Other Side”’ ”by Pocket” News from the Other Side

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