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Stargirl Macbain

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Stargirl was born to an upper-class English family.

She was raised within a family that was part of what she only ever refers to as The Guild. Her entire life was mapped out for her down to who she would marry and when she would be expected to have her first child. When she was sixteen she was married to James Macbain, with whom she had one child, Rebecca. If Star wasn’t exactly happy with her lot, she was at least learning to love her lot (and her husband).

Then two things changed her path forever.

First, her father, Lord Jacob Allen the First, passed away, leaving her brother, Jacob Allen the Second (the only male heir), as the head of the household and therefore in charge of Star’s future, whatever that might be.

Second, on the eve of a family vacation to Scotland Star was summoned by a head member of The Guild to assist him. Not wishing to spoil the trip for her husband and daughter she insisted they go on, saying she would follow them after as soon as she could. Both Rebecca and James perished when the train jumped the tracks and derailed due to track sabotage near a bridge. Star was devastated and blamed The Guild completely for what had happened, not only that her husband and daughter had been killed, but also that she hadn’t been with them.

During her mourning she began to appeal to her bother for a way out. The two had always been close and Jacob is part of a growing number of members who feel that change was needed. Naturally he took the steps to have her released from The Guild. He passed her husbands old ship, The Ulysses, onto her and suggested she go to New Babbage where he had heard that there were relatively few magic users (and by proxy, The Guild had no presence there) and some infamous dead-zones.

As To Her Powers:

Star was once a physical shapeshifter, able to shift between being a full human and being a full cat (and able to assume various half-ways in-between).

That ability has since been destroyed, though she never speaks of it.

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