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Maggie’s Dream

Maggie Lynwood opens up her eyes with a sigh and reaches out and puts a hand against the glass.
Mosseveno Tenk turns at the sound
Mosseveno Tenk: I was just about to change your pillow
Maggie Lynwood looks over at Tenk, “This is a strange dream.”
Mosseveno Tenk: you are in Babbage
Maggie Lynwood stretches, “what’s a babbage?”
Mosseveno Tenk: it is a city of brass and iron. can you see me?
Maggie Lynwood laughs, “Of course I can see you, me heads just fulla cobwebs.”
Mosseveno Tenk: remember where you are yet?
Mosseveno Tenk puts on the coffee kettle
Mosseveno Tenk: you’ve been asleep for almost a month
Maggie Lynwood stands up, a little wobbly, “You just told me where I am, in the brass and iron city.”
Mosseveno Tenk: Have you been here before?
Mosseveno Tenk rummages and finds some stale bisquits
Maggie Lynwood looks around with a yawn, “Don’t seem familiar, who’re you then? Never seen you in me dreams afore either.”
Mosseveno Tenk: When i dream, i think i am in a forest.
Mosseveno Tenk sets out 2 chipped enameled cups
Maggie Lynwood watches the gears move in the clock, “I’m sleeping in a forest right now, under a big toadstool.”
Mosseveno Tenk: cream and sugar?
Maggie Lynwood: Lots and lots!
Mosseveno Tenk: thought so
Mosseveno Tenk sets the tray on the bench
Maggie Lynwood reaches for her cup and smiles, “Thanks.”
Maggie Lynwood holds it but doesn’t drink.
Mosseveno Tenk glances at pocket and waits
Maggie Lynwood looks over her shoulder and notices Pocket for the first time, “Ooer, who’s that then?”
Mosseveno Tenk: That is Pocket. he is dreaming too. Was he with you when you fell asleep?
Mosseveno Tenk lifts his cup encouragingly and drinks
Maggie Lynwood thinks for a moment, “No,”
Mosseveno Tenk: drink up. you need some sugar.
Maggie Lynwood lifts the glass to her lips and sets it aside again without drinking, “Bad idea.”
Mosseveno Tenk: you have not had anythign for a long time. drink a little bit.
Maggie Lynwood smiles sweetly, “nuh-uh, bad idea to eat and drink in a strange land.”
Mosseveno Tenk smiles
Maggie Lynwood: But you were right-nice to make it for me.
Mosseveno Tenk: do yuo remember when we danced?
Mosseveno Tenk: you bought my contract for an evening.
Maggie Lynwood giggles, “I think I’d remember a’dancin’ with you.”
Mosseveno Tenk: I remember
Maggie Lynwood: Did we have fun, then?
Mosseveno Tenk nods
Mosseveno Tenk: Pocket was going to take you to America.
Mosseveno Tenk: You ready to stand up yet?
Maggie Lynwood chuckles, “Yer right odd, you know that?”
Mosseveno Tenk: I’ll get you some fresh bedding, and you can go back to sleep
Mosseveno Tenk: Listen carefully.
Mosseveno Tenk: I am going to move you somwhere else.
Mosseveno Tenk: so no one will find you.
Maggie Lynwood smiles and leans forward to listen, “Where?”
Mosseveno Tenk: it won’t be far.
Mosseveno Tenk: But if you come back again, you will be under Perdido Street
Mosseveno Tenk: There is a passageway, it goes from the steam tunnel under Jefferson Avenue and the cathedral
Mosseveno Tenk: where the priests live
Mosseveno Tenk speaks oddly and distinctly
Mosseveno Tenk: the door is locked on both sides
Mosseveno Tenk: no one can get in
Mosseveno Tenk: but one or two of the priests.
Mosseveno Tenk: and me.
Maggie Lynwood tilts her head curiously, “You always so serious?”
Mosseveno Tenk: there are things in there that may frigthen you
Mosseveno Tenk: listen
Maggie Lynwood plays with the rim of her cup, “I’m listening….honest…”
Mosseveno Tenk: you and pocket will be in the Inquisitior’s Passage
Mosseveno Tenk: it is a tunnel under perdido street
Mosseveno Tenk: behind the theater
Mosseveno Tenk: in front of the steam baths
Mosseveno Tenk: it is locked on both ends.
Maggie Lynwood: If you lock me in, how’ll I get out, eh?
Mosseveno Tenk: call my name when you wake up, and i will hear you
Maggie Lynwood smiles, “This is a fun game, What’s your name, then?”
Mosseveno Tenk: Joffiftetoe Nissegoddreng Tenk.
Mosseveno Tenk collects the bedding and shakes it out
Mosseveno Tenk fluffs up a pillow
Maggie Lynwood: Should beat the blankets with a stick, you know.
Mosseveno Tenk remakes the bed on the bench
Mosseveno Tenk: allright
Maggie Lynwood watches curiously, “Do you know my name?”
Mosseveno Tenk shakes the blanket and leaves it over the rail
Mosseveno Tenk: listen to me
Mosseveno Tenk: when you come here again, you will be in the tunnel under Perdido Street
Maggie Lynwood: with the priests…you said, do they sing?
Mosseveno Tenk: It is between the steam tunnels under Jefferson Way and the Cathedral
Mosseveno Tenk: It is locked on both ends.
Mosseveno Tenk: If you find yourself there, call my name.
Mosseveno Tenk: It is under Perdido Street
Mosseveno Tenk: In back of the theater, in front of the steam baths.
Maggie Lynwood: What theater?
Mosseveno Tenk: The Imperial Theater
Mosseveno Tenk: if you come here again
Mosseveno Tenk changes the pitch of his voice to a sing-song
Mosseveno Tenk: go south along the grand canal
Mosseveno Tenk: to the first bridge, there is the theater
Mosseveno Tenk: to the hole under the bridge, it goes to the steam tunnels
Mosseveno Tenk: to the south side of the tunnel is the heavy door
Mosseveno Tenk: and there you will be
Mosseveno Tenk: you and he
Maggie Lynwood: This is a very strange game.
Mosseveno Tenk nods solemnly
Mosseveno Tenk: you must say my name if you find yourself there
Mosseveno Tenk: and be very quiet
Maggie Lynwood: because the doors will be locked
Mosseveno Tenk: and the priests can get in the doors
Mosseveno Tenk: you don’t want them to find you awake.
Mosseveno Tenk: I will come for you
Maggie Lynwood wrinkles her nose, “Why?”
Mosseveno Tenk smiles
Mosseveno Tenk: because that is where they keep things.
Mosseveno Tenk: Old things.
Mosseveno Tenk: Things that are no longer.
Maggie Lynwood smiles, “Me and the old things, I shall be quiet so I don’t wake them.”
Mosseveno Tenk: Things that were lost in this dream.
Mosseveno Tenk takes the coffee cup from Maggie and rolls something between his fingers
Mosseveno Tenk: lie down now
Mosseveno Tenk: this is just a dream
Maggie Lynwood yawns, “Does feel like it’s time to wake-up.”
Mosseveno Tenk blows something from his palm towards Maggie’s eyes
Mosseveno Tenk: find Pocket.
Maggie Lynwood blinks at tenk and wrinkles her nose, laying down languidly, “Who is Pocket?”
Mosseveno Tenk: He took something from you. You have to get it back.
Maggie Lynwood yawns, “What did he take?”
Mosseveno Tenk: find Pocket
Maggie Lynwood: find…a pocket….

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  1. Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin August 13, 2010

    ooohh errr! old magic! and it sounds like Maggie is lost in her dream, hope she can find Mr String an bring him back!

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