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Mr. Underby

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Mr. Underby worked as a fortune teller from his small apartment in Sweetwater Square. He is wanted for murder in the Empire of Steeltopia.

His research into the occult is amplified by a familiar spirit who he is able to summon, a hob named Pip Steamer.

==Noteworthy events==
*Came to New Babbage in the summer of 2009 as a mysterious stranger, took up lodgings above The Gangplank in Clockhaven.
*Killed by the alchemist Nightshade Sixpence
**[ End of Mr Underby?] (dead link)
**Terrible Terrible News
*Mystically separated into 7 pieces and hidden throughout the city
**[ Underby’s End part 2] (dead link)
*Was unwittingly reassembled by Mosseveno Tenk
**[ Counting] (dead link)
**[ The Other Side] (dead link)
*Contacted Dizelle Soup by means of a Witchboard and seance
**[ Witchboard Wonders 1] (dead link)
**[ A Simple Seánce] (dead link)
**Nice Dr Dayafters Horrible Seance
*Returned to New Babbage on the Ghost Train on Day of the Dead, 2009
**[ The Return of Underby] (dead link)
**[ The Bearded Lady, The Wrench, and The Train] (dead link)
**[ The Return of Underby and Other Rather Exciting Things (Journal Entry November 1)]
**The Weekend, and Good Ol' Underpants... er, Underby
*Moved back to Clockhaven
**[ Underby Returns to Clockhaven (image)] (dead link)
**[ A Runin with the Infamous]
*Nursed the Mayor back to health after finding Tenk unconscious on the old quarter wall.
*Moved to Oldbridge with Dizelle Soup
**The Oldbridge Project
*Was rumored to be able to transform himself into a raven
**The Crow and Raven Bounty
*Moved to The Gut, obtaining land at the insistence of Mr Loosestrife
*Proprietor of the Bucket of Blood public house
*Feud with Dr. Giles Berithos after his wife, Phaedra Underby, filed for divorce and took up with Berithos.
*Became kingpin of crime in The Gut
*Poisoned the Mayor so he could run city hall through the facade of being the Mayor’s secretary
**Early Morning Practice
**Babbage Heath Insurance
**Summer Brew
**The View from the Clocktower
**The Wexhome Problem
**The Masked Avenger
**The Refusal
*Hired by Mayor Tenk to an executive assistant position.

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