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Nice Dr Dayafters Horrible Seance

Archivist note: This article is from an older recovered archive and might be obsolete or in need of updating.

Most recent revision is shown below, by Lopxie.

Transcript of the seance held at the RF Burton Public Library, in which Dizelle Soup made contact with Mr. Underby, as heard by Lo Pixie Artful.

”i decided to write down, in my little diary, as much as i could remember of what people said and did at that horrid seance. perhaps it will help. i wrote as one might write a play, for i do love the stage… for, up there, one is always adored, and nobody really gets hurt! here it is, then…”

Mara Razor: *watches from a safe distance*

Serafina Puchkina: Hi Mara

Wiggy Undertone: Hello Mara

LoPxie Artful curtsies politely

Serafina Puchkina: hello Miss Artful

Dizelle Soup: Dr Dayafter, if you wouldn’t mind conducting once I go into trance?

LoPxie Artful shyly “hallo…

Augustus Dayafter: I will do my best

Dizelle Soup looks around at everyone, face to face

Aquaria Semyorka: trance?

Wiggy Undertone: *sneaks a look under the table, looking for any magic props*

Jedburgh30 Dagger: off my head Tinus

Dizelle Soup: Thank you all for coming tonight…

Aquaria Semyorka: that was my stocking, Wigs

Mara Razor: *whispers* hello lo

Tinus Koskinen: oh hello sorry?

LoPxie Artful smiles at mara

Dizelle Soup: We seek contact with a man who has passed to the other side

Dizelle Soup: He was known to you all as Mr Mr. Underby….

Dizelle Soup: I need those who had met him to concentrate on him.

Aquaria Semyorka: I must have been drunk that night

Dizelle Soup: His face, his pose, his voice, manner of speaking,

Wiggy Undertone: I never met the man myself, but I did hear about him.

Aquaria Semyorka: does Yo Yo Ma count?

Dizelle Soup: He was said to have been a sorcerer

LoPxie Artful: i knew him. he was my teacher in the occult sciences.

Dizelle Soup: One hopes it will help him come through tonight…

Dizelle Soup: I go now, into deep trance…

Augustus Dayafter: Mr. Underby… are you with us?

Fiona Shoreland is Offline

Wiggy Undertone: Dr. Dayafter, should Aqua and I let someone else sit who knew Mr. Underby?

Serafina Puchkina looks around expectantly



Dizelle Soup: WHO

Dizelle Soup: WHO CALLS

Wiggy Undertone: Oh my..

Augustus Dayafter: Dr. Dayafter

Dizelle Soup: DAY

Dizelle Soup: YES

Dizelle Soup: WHAT

Augustus Dayafter: Mr. Underby, I am trying to clear your name of this murder you are accused of

Augustus Dayafter: can you help me?

Dizelle Soup laughs spasmodically

Dizelle Soup: O

Dizelle Soup: O

Dizelle Soup: O YES

Tinus Koskinen watches Dizelle in convulsions

Dizelle Soup: YES

Wiggy Undertone looks skeptical

Augustus Dayafter: can you give us a name?

Augustus Dayafter: the one that is guilty

Dizelle Soup: WICK

Father Pizzaro remains noncommital

Dizelle Soup: FAE

LoPxie Artful cowers nervously


Dizelle Soup: WICK

Dizelle Soup: YES

Dizelle Soup: SHE

Mara Razor: fae?

Dizelle Soup: HER

Wiggy Undertone: Phaedra?

Dizelle Soup: YES

Serafina Puchkina looks at the others in the room.

Dizelle Soup: FATHER

Dizelle Soup: HER

Dizelle Soup: FATHER

Dizelle Soup: GAR

Dizelle Soup: NET

Father Pizzaro looks around


Augustus Dayafter: Is there any evidence Mr. underby?

Dizelle Soup: NO

Dizelle Soup: BURNED

Tinus Koskinen whipsers “garnet”

Dizelle Soup: SHE

Dizelle Soup: LIVES HERE

Dizelle Soup: NO

Dizelle Soup: NO NOW

Augustus Dayafter: in Babbage?

Dizelle Soup: YES

Wiggy Undertone looks around nervously

Augustus Dayafter: would any of you like to ak any questions?

Dizelle Soup: LO

Dizelle Soup looks at Lo suddenly

Dizelle Soup: YOU

Magdalena Kamenev raises an eyebrow.

Dizelle Soup: YOU

Dizelle Soup: DARE

Mosseveno Tenk stomps noisily across the roof

LoPxie Artful: 0.0

Wiggy Undertone: What was that on the roof?

Tinus Koskinen wonders how Underby will react to the mayor

LoPxie Artful tries to hid behind miss mara

Dizelle Soup: LO

Dizelle Soup: YOU

Dizelle Soup: BEE


Dizelle Soup: ME

LoPxie Artful: no!! no i did not!!

LoPxie Artful: it was an accident!!

Mason Scientist: Leave the child alone, spirit!

LoPxie Artful: 0.0

LoPxie Artful: i only wanted to help!

Wiggy Undertone: What was an accident?

Dizelle Soup: THE RAT

LoPxie Artful: i only wanted to learn from him!

LoPxie Artful: i didn’t mean any harm!

Dizelle Soup: T’WASSS THE RAT

Tinus Koskinen: ((Mr. Sixpence))

LoPxie Artful: …

Magdalena Kamenev: Just how did Mr. Underby die?

LoPxie Artful: mr sixpence killed him!

Dizelle Soup: THE RAT SET

Dizelle Soup: THE TRAP

Dizelle Soup: TRAP

Dizelle Soup: BUT

Dizelle Soup: T’WAS MY PLAN

Dizelle Soup: THE RAT

Dizelle Soup: IS

Dizelle Soup: A FO

Dizelle Soup: A FOOL

Dizelle Soup: I AM

Dizelle Soup: NOT

Dizelle Soup: DEAD

Dizelle Soup: I WAIT

Dizelle Soup: TO

Augustus Dayafter: for what?

Dizelle Soup: RETURN

Mason Scientist: Classic denial…

Augustus Dayafter looks to Miss Artful, “Have you any clue what he is talking about?”

LoPxie Artful nods shyly

Serafina Puchkina stands very quiet and very still

Tinus Koskinen: and how will you return Mr. Yoyo?


Dizelle Soup: TT

Dizelle Soup: TH

Dizelle Soup: THE PIECES


Augustus Dayafter: Pieces of what?

LoPxie Artful: of him.

Augustus Dayafter: oh…

Dizelle Soup: THE RAT SPLIT

LoPxie Artful: 0.0

Magdalena Kamenev: He’s in pieces?

LoPxie Artful nods

Stargirl Macbain listens

Dizelle Soup laughs

Dizelle Soup: THE RAT DOES NOT

Dizelle Soup: KNOW

Dizelle Soup: ALL BUT ONE

Dizelle Soup: ARE

Dizelle Soup: TOGETHER

LoPxie Artful gasps

Mason Scientist whispers: I suggest we keep it that way…

LoPxie Artful covers her mouth

Dizelle Soup: I NUHHHH

Dizelle Soup: I

Dizelle Soup: I KNOW

Dizelle Soup: WHERE

Dizelle Soup: THEY ARE

Magdalena Kamenev agrees with the Scientist fellow.

Dizelle Soup: WUH

Dizelle Soup: AND SO

Dizelle Soup: I

Dizelle Soup: WAIT

Dizelle Soup: HE

Dizelle Soup: HE WILL BE SO

Dizelle Soup: SUR

Stargirl Macbain murmurs, “we don’t know that he’s evil. just powerful.”

Dizelle Soup: PRISED

Magdalena Kamenev: Sounds like Mr. Yoyo needs a good Christian burial. Or better yet, several to a half-dozen good Christian burials.

Dizelle Soup laughs

Serafina Puchkina shivers

Wiggy Undertone: pieces? Where are these pieces?

Dizelle Soup: HE

Dizelle Soup: WILL

Augustus Dayafter: pieces of his body


Dizelle Soup: HA

Jedburgh30 Dagger: i don’t think so Gus

Mosseveno Tenk snickers and gestures to kaylee

Aquaria Semyorka: them bones them bones gonna rise again

Dizelle Soup: HE WILL

Dizelle Soup: BE AN

Dizelle Soup: GRY

Dizelle Soup: I WILL

Dizelle Soup: LAUGH

Magdalena Kamenev: But that ain’t the workin’ of dey Lawd …

Mosseveno Tenk snerks

LoPxie Artful bites her nails

Magdalena Kamenev shoos the Clockwinder away.

Augustus Dayafter: ((giggles at Magz))

Wiggy Undertone looks skeptical “Well, we could always just hide some of the pieces. Or burn them.”

Mosseveno Tenk mutters under his breath… “oh puh-leeez”

Dizelle Soup: HE DOES NOT

Dizelle Soup: KNOW

Dizelle Soup: HE HAS THEM

Dizelle Soup laughs

Mason Scientist checks his pocketwatch.

Dizelle Soup: BUT I DO

Mara Razor: *grins at the clockwinder*

Stargirl Macbain eyes father Pizzaro

Magdalena Kamenev: Oh dear. Surprise putresence and lividity, ftw.

Mosseveno Tenk: what the hell….?

Mara Razor: *whispers to tenk* you didn’t come for supper tonight….

Dizelle Soup: MMMMMMMM

Mosseveno Tenk: its hot as an iron… *stares at wrench*

Dizelle Soup: SUNDAY

Dizelle Soup: SUN DAY

Dizelle Soup: I

Augustus Dayafter: what happens Sunday?

Dizelle Soup: RETURN

Dizelle Soup smiles

Mason Scientist: That medium better shut off the link to the spirit world soon…she’s putting her health at risk.

Serafina Puchkina’s eyes widen

Magdalena Kamenev: El Dia de los Muertos?

Dizelle Soup: LO…

Dizelle Soup: HAD

Dizelle Soup: BETTER

Dizelle Soup: YOU

Dizelle Soup: HIDE

Magdalena Kamenev: He’s coming back on the day of the dead & All Saint’s Day? Bad idea.

Mosseveno Tenk drops his wrench loudly

Dizelle Soup: OHHH!

Mosseveno Tenk: CRAP!

Dizelle Soup jolts violently forward

LoPxie Artful runs from the room, tears pouring down her face

Mosseveno Tenk: what the hell… *stares at his wrench*

Wiggy Undertone jumps and looks up

Wiggy Undertone: Is there a spirit on the roof?

”… and i ran and ran, until i came to a park, and cried for a little while… and then i transformed into my owl shape, and flew up onto the roof… mr tenk was there too, tho’ he didn’t recognise me…”

Dizelle Soup: Quite fatigued…

Dizelle Soup: Did he speak?

Stargirl Macbain: We can’t let him do anything to that little girl.

Wiggy Undertone looks skeptical

Augustus Dayafter: he mentioned something about not being dead and about coming back on sunday

Dizelle Soup: Oooh, I have a chill now

Dizelle Soup: Not… dead?

Jedburgh30 Dagger: she may have had something to do with the murder

Dizelle Soup: Who?

Dizelle Soup: Not I?

Wiggy Undertone: That little girl that ran out of here.

Dizelle Soup: I never met him…

Stargirl Macbain: That doesn’t matter, she’s a kid.

Jedburgh30 Dagger: the little girl

Augustus Dayafter: We may be taking it wrong

Jedburgh30 Dagger: it certainly does

Augustus Dayafter: it may not have been a threat

Dizelle Soup: I don’t recall a child here

Augustus Dayafter: She arrived after your trance

Mason Scientist: Guard your tongues. The Spirit may still be present in this room.

Dizelle Soup: He is right.

Dizelle Soup: Ah

Dizelle Soup: It has been known to happen.

Augustus Dayafter: I am sure he still is

Stargirl Macbain: “You had better hide?” That’s got to be a….oh actually, you might not be nuts

Augustus Dayafter: There IS that awful business of that Gloom fellow

Mosseveno Tenk: hello owl

Stargirl Macbain nodds

Wiggy Undertone: Gloom fellow?

Dizelle Soup: I have such a strange clammy feeling now.

Augustus Dayafter: Mr. underby was quite clammy looking

Magdalena Kamenev pours two fingers of scotch for Miss Soup and sets it down before her.

Dizelle Soup: I believe I need a breath of fresh air Dr…

Dizelle Soup: Ah thank you

Wiggy Undertone: Well, thank you all for an interesting evening.

Dizelle Soup: It was a pleasure to meet you Dr.

”.. and then i could stand it no longer, and i flew away quickly, and transformed back to my proper self, and i ran up the stairs at mr victor’s hotel, to find poor mr sixpence in a dreadful state!..”



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