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Maggie Lynwood

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If I tells ya I’m from Ireland, ye must believes me, eh? Because who would tell ye different? And if I tells ya I had bone fever as a child, that ye must believe as well. And ye tell me, have ya ev’r seen wot would make ye think I’m a liar? Because I’m thinkin’ ye aint.

Now employed by that right honorable gent Mr. Underby.

”From the personal Papers of a Miss Macbain: Maggie and her sister appeared in the city on a spring day looking for work. I think they suspected that they would be quite safe in this strange city. If they had known, if they had only known, how wrong they were! Surely had they had any premonition of the troubles that would come both would have stayed in the country working as they had been at the grand Country Estates that still dominate the populated parts of the world.”

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