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Vampires of Ravila, The

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Scottie and Sky Melnik embark on a journey to Ravila, seeking to expand their profitable import business in Port Babbage. Armed with the name of a wine merchant and a couple of letters of introduction from Brother Dominic Lapis, the adventure begins… 

* A Letter of Introduction
* Taking Off 
*Taking the Wheel

They arrive in Ravila and are met by their first contact, Brother Paul Nimbus.

* Setting Foot in Ravila
* Brotherly Hospitality
* The Hanging Festival
* The Dangers of the Ravilan Tango

After securing more appropriate lodging, Scottie decides to see for himself if a careless comment Lapis once made about vampires is true or not.
* The Blood Quarter
* Meet the Elder
* The Vampires of Ravila
* Mutually Beneficial
* A Plan Forms

Sky and Scottie follow a trail that uncovers a conspiracy, and make some rash decisions…
* What Sky Saw
* What Scottie Saw
* The Meeting pt. 1
* The Meeting pt. 2
* The Battle of Casso Bridge pt. 1
* The Battle of Casso Bridge pt. 2
* The Battle of Casso Bridge pt. 3

The Melniks finish their business with the wine merchant and make a timely departure.
* Going Home

And so the bars are stocked again with fine Ravilan wine. The credits roll. But you, Dear Reader, stayed to read all the credits, and are rewarded with this brief glimpse of an epilogue…
* A Letter from Ravila 



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