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Mutually Beneficial

Scottie and Sky exchanged a look and he noticed she was going for her sword again. He gripped her arm a bit tighter and shook his head again. They’d have very little chance against a 300 year old vampire Elder, and that wasn’t taking into consideration his towering bodyguard. Scottie measured his words carefully, “A brother of the Church is a patron of ours in New Babbage. He merely asked us to pass along a message and they were kind enough to provide us lodging after our travels. We’re only interested in finding our supplier of Ravilan Wine and have no interest in any of this.” He avoided mentioning Sky’s status with the Church and hoped this simple and innocent explanation would keep them alive.

It seemed to do the trick. The Elder scrutinized the couple for a few more seconds before he relaxed, but Scottie and Sky remained alert. The Elder may have come off as an aristocratic performer, but it was clear to them now that he could be as ruthless as he was well-dressed.

“There was once an uprising within our own Quarter. Some of the older families, such as the McAndrews and the Mielziners, overstepped their bounds. In order to save face with the public, I struck a bargain with the Builders. We would take care of problems within our Quarter and the Builders would clean up any of our rogue elements outside of the Quarter. It showed the humans that we would not give special treatment to our own kind should they break the laws of Ravila. It worked well, it was a mutually beneficial arrangement. But two weeks ago, within our own quarter, a vampire was bound in silver chains and dragged from his house at noon, left to burn in the daylight.” The Elder grew cold again. It was amazing how wildly his mood swung back and forth, “That night, we recovered what was left of the body and found a small silver dagger buried in the remains of his chest with a note.”

Sky grimaced and Scottie put up his hands, “Wait, don’t tell me. It was an Ordo Mucro dagger?”

The Elder nodded, looking between the two, “You’ve heard of them?”

Scottie rolled his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose, “They stirred up trouble in New Babbage a few years back. But they’ve been quiet ever since.” He sighed and leaned forward in his chair again, “But what about this Father Logos that was attacked?”

The Elder waved his hand dismissively, “Pshaw! Church propaganda started to make us look like the aggressors. The Father’s body was cremated before anyone else could investigate. At the very least I ordered no such attack. No, the Church attacked us first, and we have returned the favor.”

Scottie nodded, rubbing his chin, “And now they attack you on your own streets. You’re rather vulnerable right now.” Scottie pulled his watch from his pocket, glancing at the time, “And you’ll be even more vulnerable in two hours when the sun comes up. This won’t end well for either you. Surely you understand that.”

The Elder climbed back onto the stage, rising to his full, though unimpressive, height, “What I understand is that the Church has made an enemy of the Vampires of Ravila.” The Elder’s hands were clenched in fists, which shook visibly down at his sides, his voice growing louder, “That mutually beneficial arrangement we had? The Church was all too eager to take up that mantle and kill my kind. And in the interest of peace, I allowed it. But no more! They’ve gone too far! They started this conflict, and we shall end it!”

The Elder’s nails had dug into his palms, rivulets of blood leaked from between his fingers and dripped onto the stage. Philip chuckled quietly and Scottie shot him a look. Philip met the stare and stepped forward, “The Elder has spoken. We will destroy the Church and anyone having anything to do with it.” Philips eyes flicked to Sky, “Anyone.”

Scottie and Sky rose from their seats and stared down Philip, the Elder interjecting as he realized he was no longer the center of attention, “Philip has always said that peace with the Church would not hold. Seems he was right after all.”

Scottie suddenly smiled, studying Philip, “Well, isn’t that convenient?” Scottie extended his hand to Philip, “I believe we’re finished here. I’ll take my sword back, please.”

Philip grinned toothily, holding out the sheathed sword, “Oh? You think you can take it back? By all means, try it, little man.”

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  1. Junie Ginsburg Junie Ginsburg June 13, 2012

    *wonders what kind of soundtrack to put on for the next scene*

    • Scottie Melnik Scottie Melnik June 14, 2012

      The soundtrack for the next chapter would look a little something like this:

      Crazy Train – Ozzy Ozzborne
      Eye of the Tiger – Survivor
      City of Blinding Lights – U2 – (It might fit, but really Sky just likes it)
      Any Barry White 

  2. Maddox Sinclaire Maddox Sinclaire June 13, 2012

    ((I’m sensing some hostility here…. *chuckle* Go get em guys! WOOO I have the greatest music in mind!))


  3. Victor1st Mornington Victor1st Mornington June 14, 2012

    *wonders if he has left any traces of his old name of McAndrews in New Babbage*

    *realises he hasnt and relaxes*

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