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A Letter of Introduction

Dear Paul, 

It is my pleasure to introduce to you Scottie and Sky Melnik. Mr. Melnik is a successful businessman in the City-State of New Babbage of my good aquaintance. They are carrying similiar letter with them, should they arrive before the post, a packet containing the formal communication of Father Pizarro’s condition, and a blunderbus that was built by Brother Napoltier for your collection. Please assist them as friends of mine. 

 Mr. Melnik is in the import business, I have recommended a wine merchant to him and am looking forward to regular shipments at his drinking establishment, should his endeavor be profitable.  

Mrs. Melnik is devout, she would be interested in seeing the historic compound and the armory. She is an accomplished swordswoman in her own right, I hope you find her forward manner refreshing as I do.  I have familiarized them with a sketch of the city so they do not make the usual mistakes on their first few days.

in brotherood,



additional page enclosed with a sketch of the Melniks’ airship identification markings*


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  1. Junie Ginsburg Junie Ginsburg June 5, 2012

    *leans forward to listen carefully*

    ((I like how the two storylines are merging…very exciting!))

  2. Sky Melnik Sky Melnik June 5, 2012

    Forward manner?! I’ll have you know I’m the portrait of a lady of fine society, sir. How dare… *snickers* Uh, yeah, seems apt. *grins*

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