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The Battle of Casso Bridge – Part 2

Philip and Straton approached the Melniks from their respective sides of the bridge. It made sense, Scottie supposed. These two hadn’t been in on the land scheme. They genuinely wished to see the other side die. They wanted this war. And they certainly wouldn’t miss out on being on the front lines.

The Melniks backed away from the two, letting them stare each other down. Perhaps if these two just had it out, a greater war could be avoided. It was a hope, however thin it might be.

Philip towered over Straton, as he did pretty much everyone. “Get out of Ravila, little man. You and all your little Blockhead buddies. You get this one and only chance.” said Philip.

Straton stood stock straight, trying to appear taller than he was and still only as tall as Philip’s shoulder. Still, there was no fear in Straton’s voice. Just that strange, Builder calm that all of the Churchies had seemed to acquire over time, “We are not going anywhere. It is you who should leave. You are the abomination and a blemish on this city. We will defend Ravila for all humans. We shall repel your kind and establish a rightful peace and order according the Builder’s grand plan.”

Philip chuckled lowly, his voice quiet as he replied, “I was hoping you would say that. The vampires of Ravila will feast upon Builder blood this night.”

Straton smiled serenely, “We had considered your extreme hostility and have come prepared. We have the high ground, as you can no doubt see.” He pointed to the top of a nearby building on the Builder side of the canal. Then he pointed to another, then another, and finally just swept his finger across the buildings behind him. Sure enough, there were two to three Churchies atop each building, all armed with crossbows.

Philip growled and nodded to the last building Straton had pointed out, “Do you think a few puny humans will stop all of us?” Already, a several forms were crawling up the side of that building. The men on the roof couldn’t see them until the forms flung themselves onto the roof. It was tough to see from their vantage point on the bridge, but the fight had just begun.

Straton hoisted up his crossbow and fired at Philip. Philip dodged just enough for the bolt to embed itself to the left of his heart. Philip closed the distance with an eerie speed and shoved his hand into Straton’s chest. Straton’s eyes went wide as Philp proceeded to show him his heart. That was the apparently the signal to the vampires, who began to leap across the canal.

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  1. Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin June 19, 2012

    There ya go, picking a bridge over a canal, stands ter reason, don’t it, cus vampires can jump across standing water, now, if they had chosen a river, different story ain’t it……

  2. Maddox Sinclaire Maddox Sinclaire June 20, 2012

    ((I…This is awesome! I can just imagine in my head the way this would play out in short film form…))

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