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What Scottie Saw (Part II)

The sun had set and Scottie made his way through the Blood Quarter and back to the theater. He ducked into the bookstore he had noticed the previous evening after their meeting with the Elder and pretended to peruse the book selection. After an hour passed he found no need to pretend, finding several rare first editions to hold his interest, so much so that he nearly missed Philip emerging from the theater.

Scottie cursed and paid the clerk, quickly jotting down the address of his own bookshop in Babbage for shipment. He thanked the clerk and grumbled something about not needing any more weight aboard his airship as he dashed out the door. Emerging from the store, he found he needn’t have bothered. Philip towered over everyone, and while the streets were busy, he was easy to pick out from the crowd. Scottie followed, taking care to keep upwind when possible and ensure plenty of distance was between them when he couldn’t. Philip led him out of the Blood Quarter and into some of the most claustrophobic, winding streets Scottie had encountered so far.

The streets emptied out and Scottie was finding he had to keep a greater distance from his quarry to stay unnoticed. Finally Philip slipped through the doors of an old warehouse bordering the port of Ravila. Scottie ducked behind some crates near a broken window and strained to listen.

“Councilman,” Philip greeted from somewhere inside. “Do I detect the scent of a Builder?” he asked suspiciously. Councilman? Philip was having a conversation with some government paper-pusher?

A second voice responded dismissively, “I rub shoulders with those damned Builders all day in City Hall. They have far too much power, as you well know. That’s why I’ve tasked you with this endeavor.”

“Indeed,” said Philip, “though we are not without our own political power.”

Again, a bit dismissively, the voice replied, “Of course, you have your thralls within the government. But the Church is an open power to be reckoned with. We must purge the city of their influence.” Oh yeah, Scottie thought, this guy was certainly a politician.

“Yes, yes they are. They’ve terrorized my kind long enough,” said Philip. “The Elder has finally seen the truth and is ready to act. The old fool has damned near lost his mind, but he’s been convinced enough to act. I want assurances that once the Church has been removed, I will have my reward.”

Scottie could hear the grin in the Councilman’s voice, “Oohh yes, you certainly will. When this mess is cleaned up, I will see to it that you have the full support of the Ravilan military and the Elder will be forcibly removed from power. As the next oldest vampire in Ravila, you will rule the Blood Quarter. Safe from any Builder obstruction.”

Scottie felt a hand on his shoulder and he spun around, completely caught unawares. His hand was on his sword and had it half drawn when he found himself looking into a pair of bright blue eyes. His own went wide.

Sky covered her mouth to mute a giggle, at the same time covering his with her other hand as his mouth opened. She then pressed a finger to her lips and tilted her head to the broken window. Scottie just shook his head and grinned. Not many people could sneak up on him, but he swore Sky must be part cat. Which in their world, could certainly be the case.

They turned their attention to the window but the conversation was over aside from the Councilman stating, “Go on, I’ll leave in a few minutes. Can’t have us being seen together, right?”

Philip grunted and they heard him walk off. The couple pressed back behind the crates and watched him emerge from the warehouse. They waited a few moments before Scottie hurriedly filled her in on what she may have missed on her way to sneak up on him. Sky’s eyes went wide, “That man made the same offer to Twitchy as he made to Philip. That if the Church eradicates the vampire threat, he’ll obtain a position of power within the Church.”

Scottie looked at her, puzzled. Sky chuckled quietly, “Twitchy is the name I gave the Brother of the Church that I followed here. They both met with that man.”

Scottie nodded, smirking at the name she’d given the Brother, “Well, I guess it’s time we had our own meeting.” He pulled a pistol from his jacket and Sky produced two throwing daggers seemingly from nowhere, the couple disappeared into the warehouse.

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  1. Junie Ginsburg Junie Ginsburg June 15, 2012

    You Melniks really know how to take a vacation!

  2. Maddox Sinclaire Maddox Sinclaire June 15, 2012

    This sounds very thrilling. Perhaps after our child is old enough, Helio and I can take a vacation. *snickers*

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