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The Meeting – Part 2

They crossed a few bridges before they slowed, panting. Sky looked to Scottie, “You never had any intention of ever taking that bribe, did you?”

Scottie chuckled breathlessly and shook his head, “No, we would have turned him in. But I was curious to know how much it was worth to him. Fifteen percent? Of course, it’s rather moot considering he was planning to kill us…”

Scottie glanced about before tossing his pistol over the bridge and into the canal. He wrapped his arm around Sky and they walked casually through the streets. Scottie pulled out the little black book and began to flip through the pages as Sky lead them back to the Church grounds.

Scottie had just looked up from his book when they arrived, “I don’t see any evidence in here. It would seem to be just a list of contacts. But considering how dirty this guy is, er, was, I wonder if there are any smugglers.”

He tilted the book toward Sky and she glanced it over briefly before pointing to a name, “There they are…” and then pointed to another name, flipped the page and pointed to a few more.

“How do you know that?” Scottie asked. She pointed out an odd little symbol that appeared to each of those names, “It’s a code I’ve seen a few times. That means smuggler and that one,” she pointed to a strange dagger-like mark, “is an assassin. Not very clever, really.”

“Well, good to know!” Scottie exclaimed just as a Brother bumped into him. It was then that the couple noticed several Brothers were running about the Churchyard armed with even more crossbows. A large group were working around a large saw, chopping up long wooden poles and sharpening the ends. The couple stopped to take in the scene, a flurry of activity had erupted before them. Scottie tucked away the book and nudged Sky, “We should find out what’s going on.”

Sky disappeared into the crowd, knowing as a lay person she could probably get more answers without him present. She reappeared 30 minutes later, grabbing his arm and pulling him away from the Churchyard.

“Apparently the word has already gotten out that Councilman Bentham is dead. The Church folks think the vampires did it. I got a lecture on how much he’s done for the Church since he’s taken office.” Sky said. “Brother Twitchy seemed to be in charge and the Fathers were furious with the vampires in general. I don’t think they’d listen even if I admitted what we did.”.

Scottie looked confused for a moment, “Bentham?” then his eyes went wide, “Oooh! That was his name? Probably should have gotten that before… yeah, well. Let’s see what the vampires are up to.”

The Blood Quarter was a short walk away and sure enough, the vampires were mobilizing. Fangs and claws clearly visible, and there was a murmur about the several crowds that had gathered. It seemed each group had already been given an assignment. Finally Scottie spotted Philip marching about, giving orders. Scottie sighed and approached the vampire with Sky by his side, “What’s going on here? Where’s the Elder?”

Philip smirked as he looked down at Scottie, “The Builder Blockheads have done it this time. Councilman Bentham was a long-time supporter and personal friend of Elder. He’s inconsolable right now and put me in charge. We’re going to war and I suggest you and your Blockhead woman stay out of the way.”

The couple looked genuinely surprised at Philip’s knowledge of Sky’s affiliation. Philip chuckled, “Yeah, I knew you were one of them. Or close enough. I’ll bet you make that silly little sign sometimes.” Philip pushed past the couple and barked out more orders, “You all know what to do. We’ll wait a little longer to gather our numbers and then take the bridge at 1 AM and destroy the Blockheads for good!” A cheer arose from the vampires as Scottie and Sky left the Quarter.

Once alone they slumped against the wall, “I don’t know what to do. It looks like Philip’s in charge and he would probably love nothing more than for us to admit what we did, expose you as a Church sympathizer, and have cause to march on the Church anyway. I think we’ve gotta get out of Ravila. Now.”

Sky cocked her head curiously, “If he knows I’m affiliated with the Church, why did he just shout out the time they’re going to attack and then let us go?”

Scottie shook his head, “Because he’s an old, arrogant vampire. Because, to him, the worst you could do is alert the Church. A bunch of humans. And what are a bunch of human to him? Hell, he’d probably love it if you let them know. He’s spoiling for a fight. And from what we saw, the Builders are getting ready. I have no doubt this could be a bloodbath. That’s why we should get out of here now…”

Sky growled, her face red and her fists clenched, “Not yet. That damned vampire… I’ll…” She was shaking from rage before a visible calm swept through her. She smiled up at Scottie, her typically blue eyes now grey, “How long until 1 AM, darling?”

Scottie eyed her carefully, the sudden change in her mood was usually a bad sign. Nevertheless, he fumbled with his pocketwatch, “Two hours and some change. Why?”

Sky closed her eyes as she thought, calculating whatever it was she was calculating, “There’s only one bridge between the two Quarters. That’s where the vampires will cross. Meet me there in an hour and a half.” With that she kissed his cheek and ran off.

Scottie watched her go and just shrugged. He knew there was no stopping her once she had made up her mind, so he may as well do something constructive. He pulled out the little black book and started with the first name. Seemed that Bentham had marked the places these folks frequented, “Huh, there really is a Crime Alley! Guess I’ll start there.” He walked off and then shook his head in amusement, “Blockheads… that’s a good one…”

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