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The Blood Quarter

Scottie and Sky left the Church yard behind, the couple holding hands and chattering playfully about the Ravilan Tango. As they crossed a canal bridge they quieted. The streets took on a darker, more sinister tone, even for Ravila. Scottie’s mind began to race over what they’d heard. Vampires in such a populated area had made themselves known? He’d heard Lapis and Njal both talk about vamps, but he’d honestly dismissed such as rumors that typically flourished in any town.

It’s not that it wasn’t unheard of for vampires to reveal themselves to the local population, but several factors had to come into play. The vampires had to have numbers, they had to hold enough power within the local government, the town had to be adequately isolated, and the vampires themselves had to be under the firm control of a wise Elder. Needless to say, there were only a handful of locations that fit that criteria in the world. New Haven had been one of those, he thought ruefully.

He shook off the thoughts of that long gone town and returned to the present, Sky in tow as they made their way to the “Blood Quarter”. The quarter resided far from the hustle and bustle of the Ravilan port and trade towers. Surely those passing through gave little heed to the fact that real vampires dwelled in town. Only the locals would know the truth, and even they might not believe if they lived far enough from the quarter.

Still, Scottie didn’t like any of it. The supernaturals had weaknesses, all of them. Advertising their exact race just made them all the more vulnerable. Vampires had done well over the centuries to spread untruths, but people were catching on to the big three: sunlight, stakes, and silver. Armed with at least one of those three, a vampire could easily be overpowered and take that final dirt nap.

They passed an alley and the couple heard a female gasp, then moan. Not stopping, the Melniks chanced a glance and sure enough, a young woman was pinned back to a warehouse wall. A dark form holding her there and lips nestled against her throat. They heard male growling and slurping even out in the street. The couple exchanged wary glances and Scottie put an arm around Sky protectively, quickening their pace.

Ahead of them a gentleman dressed in fine suit rounded the corner and walked toward them. He was followed shortly thereafter by four robed and hooded figures. The gentleman nodded cordially and stepped around the couple, but the hooded figures pushed past them roughly. Both turned around and glared at the men, but were rendered astonished when, on the street in full view of anyone, the four hooded figures closed around the gentleman and threw him against the wall. The man hissed and his mouth drew open, fangs glistening in the lamplight. Two of the men wrapped silvery chains around his wrists while the third pressed a similar length of chain against his neck. The fourth withdrew a wooden stake from his robes and drove it into the man’s chest.

It had happened so quickly, the attack perfectly timed. The hooded men had made their move with impunity, and a few second later Scottie and Sky saw why. As the vampire sunk to the ground, wooden stake still embedded in his chest, the killer of the group made the sign of the Hammer. The others bowed stiffly before all four hastily made their way back toward the Church.

“Hope that vamp is finished feeding,” Scottie whispered before they resumed their course. Hardly ten minutes went by before they realized they were being followed. The couple spun around and found themselves face-to-chest with the tallest man they’d ever seen. They looked up.

“You’re new here. You’re supposed to check in with the Elder.” His voice rumbled in a deep baritone and he reeked of blood and death. They took a step back, the man having invaded their personal space. Scottie held his hands out, palms up and bowed stiffly, “With all due respect, we were just on our way to find the Elder.”

The man’s regarded Scottie carefully before turning his attention to Sky, motioning to her with the flick of his wrist, “Both of you?”

Sky tensed next to Scottie and he grabbed her wrist, his eyes narrowing on the tall man, “Both of us.”

The man scowled, turned on his heel and stalked off, raising his hand and motioning for them to follow him. Scottie sighed and shrugged at Sky before the couple followed suit.

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