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Underby Rex

Archivist note: This article is from an older recovered archive and might be obsolete or in need of updating.

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Underby, now the Mayors assistant, has continued his quest for power within the city-state through the office of the mayor. Thus far his plans have stalled, but he has not given up. He also takes any small advantage he can get with the Clockwinder or the populace…

* The Mayor by Victor Mornington
* Brunel Hall’s Christmas Cheer by Victor Mornington

Victor Mornington fails in his attempt to create the mayors gift. The Clockwinder storms out of Brunel and soon sits with Underby near the Square, where the mayor offers Underby a deal.

* A Wager by Mr. Tenk

 Underby intends to take advantage of the situation, using his contacts at the Bucket of Blood to seek out a shady figure known only as the Straw Man

* Ensuring the Fells Fall by Mr. Underby

Meanwhile the mayor has not been gone for long as a body is found out in the Fells, and then another, and another…

* A Grusome Discovery by Tepic Harlequin
* Multiplication by Bookworm Heinrichs

Underby has begun making inquiries and using his powers as acting mayor.

* Weird Day by Cyan Rayna
* What the Messengers Know by Mr. Tenk

”’January the fifth was a tragic day, after a massacre at the Murgam asylum and the death of several employees and inmates, the bridge in the Fells is destroyed.”’

* The Dorchester alibi by Mr. Underby
* Of Bombs and Bodies by Jedburgh Dagger

”’Meanwhile, Victor Mornington wonders about Underby’s recent searching and comes to a conclusion.”’

* Laying the plans… by Victor Mornington

While Bookworm Hienrichs and others deal with matters surrounding the asylum murders, and resolve their own adventures, Underby meets with the Straw Man and is given the price for the destruction of the Bridge in the Fells and a new set of bodies start to appear, augmented with mechanical implants on their heads.

* Payment Due By Mr. Underby
*Open-Skulled Corpse Abandoned by O. B. Penrose of the  New Babbage Free Press.

 Due to all the murders in the city, Underby makes a decree which soon becomes very unpopular, and causes the citizens to strike in protest. Meanwhile the bomber was finally arrested.

* Citywide Curfew in Effect by O.B. Penrsoe of the Free Press
* Anarchist Bomber Arrested by O.B. Penrose of the Free Press
* Curfew Ultimatum Posed by Victor Mornington in the Free Press
* City Rife with Political Insubordination O.B. Penrose of the Free Press
* Anarchist group hoax O.B. Penrose of the Free Press
* Curfew Strike Cripples City O.B. Penrose of the Free Press

Underby, having read the New Babbage Free Press, decides it is time to pay a visit to the cities newest newspaper.

* Dangerous Days by Mr. Underby
* Night Watch valiantly protects Citizens by O.B. Penrose

The search for the elusive Straw man continues without any success, while Underby contemplates the payment which was due to the figure. The Night Watch also has it’s share of troubles continuing.

* Hunt in the Dark by Mr. Underby
* My poor baby by Nymlet

The ports strikes crippling the city make Underby take further action and he closes down ‘Cuffs, which was the dock workers favored bar. The workers begin to sing a new song, Under Underby, while Victor Mornington responds by taking a lesson from the late Dr Obolensky.

* Segue-Sic Transit Gloria Mundi by Jedburgh Dagger
* Under Underby Music and video by Macknight Caldesac
* Mornington Pulls an Obolesnky by Victor Mornington
* Hotelier claims Academy as Independent by O.B. Penrose in the Free Press

A second open brained victim is found. Underby hoping to make the curfew a success re-evaluates the situation and dissolves the current Night Watch and makes a deal with a new Night Watch creating the BUM’s

* Second Open Skull Corpse Discovered by O.B. Penrose
* Announcement from Acting Mayor Underby by Mr. Underby

Right after Mornington declared independence several other locations declared their own independence or attempted to join him in rebellion including The Gangplank, the Power Station, and later Bucket Land, which locked Mr. Penrose out of his office and ended coverage of the events.

* Prime Minister Mornington’s First Speech by Victor Mornington

The dock strikes which had crippled the city are brought to an end when Jedburgh Dagger hires nearby foreigners, including Romanchurians, who work to get the port cleared and working again. This brings Victors hopes to force Underby to relent to an end. Fortunately, the BUM’s watch is not as oppressive as the previous Night Watch had been.

* Announcement to All Businesses and Shippers by Jedburgh Dagger
* The Babbage Urchin Militia by Tepic Harlequin
* Prime Minister Mornington’s Final Speech by Victor Mornington
* Recycling, Environmentalism, and the BUM by Tepic Harlequin

While Mornington and Underby had been distracted they had both forgotten of the Clockwinder’s impending return.

* The Open Road by Mr. Tenk
* Risky Buisness by Mr. Underby
* Risky Buisness II by Victor Mornington

Victor and Underby, working together, devise a cunning plan that was based on scientific fact and call together a town hall meeting where they tell everyone that a pocket of Marsh Gas has been causing everyone to hallucinate and that there was no curfew. There are doubts and cries of outrage, but many are simply glad the Clockwinder has returned and things will be back to normal…but there are some loose ends yet.

* Transcript of the New Babbage Town Hall Meeting provided by Gabrielle Riel
* Broken Promises and the Urchins disbanding by Tepic Harlequin
* Who is Straw Man? by O.B. Penrose


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