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Brunel Hall’s Christmas Cheer

Mornington looked at the buffet tables as Chef LeStrand nervously looked on holding his Chef’s hat tucked under his right arm with both hands clasped behind his back, as is the tradition of French Chefs when they awaited the verdict of theperson they are waiting for. 

Mornington toyed with the idea of standing there for 10 minutes, just to see if he could make the Chef, who had been very cool under pressure…sweat.  Instead he asked the Chef to read out the entire list of buffet items this year…

“Of course Monsieur…

One turkey, with all trimmings, one seafood platter of kingshrimp, mussels, scampi and other sundry crustacia, one…”

LeStand seemed to screw his face up at the next line, which always made Mornington chuckle…

“…Vegitarian…grilled platter, one roasted duck, one ham roast, one smoked trout platter non salted, gravy, cranberry sauce, pumpkin and cinnamon soup and one pot of traditional Scots Porridge Oats.”

Mornington nodded, the Chef continued with the dessert and drink’s…

“One full keg of Tetley Honey Mead, one full punch bowl of ‘Uncle McAndrews Finest Mulled Wine with added Brandy’, one full punch bowl of eggnogg…with added brandy.  One pitcher of Glog, one full frosted chocolate sponge yule log, one ricotta pie, one stacked fruit cake, one triple chocolate sachertorte, one pecan pie, one mince pie and a plate of ring doughnuts.”

The Chef looked at Mornington with that look of apprehension, and a thin bead of sweat trickled down the side of his head…

“Feeling a bit warm Chef?”

…LeStrand nodded…

Mornington produced a bankers draft book and scribbled a signature and an amount on a draft slip and handed it to LeStrand who’s eyes lit up.

“Thank you Monsieur!  Thank you and Merry Christmas!”

No Chef, thank you, you have outdone yourself this year…”

((A big thanks to Ambrose at Eat Me, and the folks over at Aphrodite Food and Restaurant for this years updated and overhauled buffet!))


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  1. Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs December 20, 2012

    Well, if *this* doesn’t bring Tubby back, nothing will.

    I look forward to sampling your spread, Mr. Mornington!

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