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The Mayor

Mornington stood infront of the buffet gazing off into some unknown area beyond the walls of Brunel.  He had been standing there absolutley still for almost 10 minutes.  Charlie, Mornington’s “go get” man had seen Mornington in this kind of trance before…and it only happened when something was eating away at Morningtons mind… some that annoyed him.

Finally Mornington produced a lucia cigar, cut of the end, lit it and started to puff.

“Every damn year for the past 3 years…not this time, he aint getting the better of me this time.”

Charlie simply listened on as Mornington rambled to himself….

“Always when the buffet arrives at the hotel.  Always this particular buffet, he doesnt do it when i put out a spread for Easter…no, always the Christmas buffet”.

Charlie’s interest was finally peaked…

“Who boss?”

“The Mayor” Mornington replied.  “Every year he comes in here for a visit, just before the buffet is set up and asks what the entire menu is, and every year since i started doing these buffets he storms out cause something is missing… the problem is.. i dont know what the hell is missing!”

Mornington started to pace…

“Theres nothing for it Charlie, im gonna have to start digging around old records at City Hall again, there must have been some other formal events during this period before Brunel Hall started doing the big lunches…gotta be something in the past shipment records that will shed some light…”

…with that, Mornington strolled off in the direction of City Hall…

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  1. Mr Underby Mr Underby December 19, 2012

    The mayor’s assistant crept through the halls of the government building as silently as possible, stopping every few steps to look around.  The hushed whispers of civil servants going about their jobs, the soft clicking of fine leather shoes on expensive hardwood floor, but seemingly nobody following him.  Now he had the taheen and the Commodore to worry about.

    Opening the door to the Hall of Records, Underby stopped short.

    “Might I assist you, Mr Mornington?” he asked, in a voice perhaps too loud for casual conversation.

    Mornington blinked, looking over.  “Ah, Mr Underby.  I was planning to look for you shortly.”

    Underby entered the room, rather than having to watch for people approaching from the doorway.  Closing the door behind himself, he folded his arms.  “Of course you were.”

    Mornington closed the file drawer he had been searching through.  “Yes, it’s just that… well, the mayor… for the last few years he’s been very unhappy with my Christmas buffet.”

    “Your treacle is not up to snuff.”

    Morning bristled slightly.  “I refute that.” he said, then shook his head slightly and continued: “And no, it’s something he seems to feel I continue to forget to include.”

    A strange expression washed over Underby’s face.  “At your Christmas buffet.  Ah,” he said.  “so it’s you.”

    “What is?”

    Underby walked toward the hotel owner.  “I’ve been covering for you for three years.  I had no idea it was you specifically he was expecting it of.”  Underby cocked his head, in contemplation.  “I wonder what that says about you?”

    “Underby, what are you talking about?”

    The mayor’s assistant looked at Mornington and smiled a serious smile.  “Well well, now we both have something we want.  What a story this could make for some hack writer.”

    Morning cocked an eyebrow.  “You know what it is he wants?”

    Underby nodded.  “I do.”

    “And I have something you want?”

    “Ignore what Mr Lighthouse says about you, Mornington… you are rather bright after all.”

    Mornington smirked.  “Right Underby, what do you want?”

    “You have serious connexions in Ravila, do you not?” he asked, picking at a piece of lint on the sleeve of his coat which may or may not have existed.

    “How do you-“

    Underby raised a hand.  “It doesn’t matter, it is true, is it not?”

    Mornington nodded.  “Yes.”

    “I need someone from Ravila made persona non grata within their own city walls.”

    Mornington raised an eyebrow.  “Is that all?”

    Underby nodded.

    “That will not be a problem, that is… should your information prove true and useful.”

    “Oh, I assure you, it’s true.  As I assure you that you and the entire city should be very thankful that I was here to fulfill your duty while you slacked, year after year.” Underby turned, leaning on a filing cabinet.  “And to think that the majority of this city considers me some pulp story villain.  If only they knew…”

    Mornington sighed.  “Come now Underby, I’ve known you too long for this sort of nonsense to have any effect on me.  I agreed to help, so let me know what it is I need to include.”

    Underby turned on one heel, opening his mouth to speak, then looked back at the door.  It was still shut and locked.  

    He leaned toward Mornington, who initially leaned away out of habit, and whispered a single word into his ear.  Mornington slowly turned his head and looked at Underby.  “That?” he asked, incredulously.  

    Underby nodded.

    Mornington stared at the ground.

    Slapping a hand on his back, and walking him to the door of the Hall of Records, Underby said: “And you have no idea how thrilled I am that you shall be taking over these duties every year… huge load off my mind.”

    “Duties…” Mornington mumbled as he stumbled out of the hall.  “Every… year…?”




  2. Victor1st Mornington Victor1st Mornington December 19, 2012

    Mornington stumbled out of City Hall in a daze…

    Three years, the Mayor walked into Brunel Hall’s Christmas Buffet, three years he sat down infront of the fire.  Through all the redevelopments of the hotel, the digging out of the basement, the extensions into the pool, throughout the history of the hotel two things had remained a constant, the Christmas Buffet…and the Clockwinder storming out of the hotel while Mornington looked on in desparation…

    …and all for the sake of…well, something that Mornington didnt expect.

    The walk back to the Hotel was a slow one.  Mornington wasn’t the best of people to go aroud snooping in the old records but he hadn’t expected old Underby to be on duty halfway through the busy docking period of Port Babbage.  The request that Underby made wouldn’t be hard to pull off, but it meant getting under the nose of the Church of the Builder.  Mornington walked into the Hotel, waved to Charlie and they both entered the strange cabinet that looked out of place sitting next to the reception desk.  Just before the door closed, and the cabinet faded from view Mornington said “This requires a more direct route….”

    Ravilla – December 19th, 4pm

    A strange wheezing noise could be heard on the old west docks of Ravilla, the dock workers looked around and started to run towards the local Church representative, they knew what the noise meant.  Out of what looked like an old battered shipping crate Mornington and Charlie appeared, to be confronted by Brother McNulty.

    “McAndrews…what in the name of the builder do you think you are doing, you know fine well you are banned from ever entering this town!”

    Mornington simply ignored the Brother and walked up the dock banks towards the City Gates, all the while the dock workers looked on as the Brother started shouting threats to Mornington.

    At the gates of the old City the City Guard looked in astonishment as Mornington opened up the gates and walked in, followed by Charlie.  The ruccus had attracted the attention of the guards of the Elder who came rushing towards the small party followed by several Borthers from the Church side.  Charlie stood infront of Mornington to address the crowd.

    “Lord McAndrews of the McAndrews-Mornington Estate of Ravilla requests entry into the township on a matter of business.”

    Father Monahue then appeared…

    “Mornington eh?  You are still using that falsehood of a name?”

    “Ahhhhh, Monahue…still selling the town lies on being its saviour?”

    The small crowd that gathered started whisper to one another.

    “Why are you here Mornington, i thought your banning would have been enough reason to stay away from this place”

    Mornington produced the wanted poster which Mr Underby had been posting in and around New Babbage and opened it in plain sight of the Elder and the Father and most of the crowd.  What amounted to an uproar from the crowd started.

    The Elder of the Blood Quarter stormed up to Father Monahue and screamed in his face…

    “You told me that murderous backstabber was locked up in the Cathedral dungeon!  You told me he was constantly under guard!  Why is he in New Babbage!  WHY?!”

    If looks could kill, Monahues stare at Mornington would have felled him.  Monahue and the entire Church party walked off to screams of “liars” from the crowd.  Once the crowd started to disperse the Elder walked up and asked what it was they wanted.

    “Simple…i want Kelfu O’ Fedik blackcarded from this city, and not the usual face value black card, i want the entrance to this city guarded by Blood Quarter guards, and i want a runner sent to New Babbage immediatley with a notice signed by the Elder Council stating that Kelfu is barred from entering Ravilla again”

    The Elder nodded and grinned…”Its good to see you again McAndrews”.

    …and with that, Mornington and Charlie walked off and stepped inside the old shipping crate, which then vanished into view.

    Brunel Hall Hotel – December 19th, 5pm

    Mornington finished stirring the earthenware pot and held a spoon to Charlie who tasted the contents…Charlie screwed his face up.

    “I’ll get it right Charlie!  Been about 70 years since i cooked this stuff”

  3. Kristos Sonnerstein Kristos Sonnerstein December 25, 2012

    ::Grins softly, shaking his head:: Well, shouldn’t a man want a little thanks for his hard work after all?

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