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”’The 13 Club”’

New Babbage has always been a hive for eccentric scientists and inventors. Science was being seen as a force proving away the old superstitions of old such as the occult and religions.

A Group of like minded men and women formed a club devoted to challenging superstitions head on and providing scientific explanations to paranormal phenomenon.

On Friday the 13th, the club held their first meeting and during dinner opened umbrellas indoors, smashed mirrors and took peacock feathers home with them. From then on the 13 Club held great Dinner Parties on every friday the 13th. Smaller meetings were conducted to exchange ideas and philosophies.


Some of the members have gained notoriety in New Babbage and although membership is usually known only to it’s members, some of the scientists have been exposed to the public.

The most famous member of the 13 Club to date has been Professor Alexander Eliot (grandfather to Loki Eliot) who built the Porta Terrarum Device that lead almost to the destruction of New Babbage.

Another known to be a member of the 13 Club was Captain Zessinthal who was murdered when his giant Zen Zephelin Airship exploded due to a bomb being stowed onboard. This was later reveal as part of a plot to gain an ancient power known as the Cloud Angel.

”’Rumours of it’s demise”’

It is believed though not proven that the 13 Club no longer exists. Rumours suggest that the club became suspicious and paranoid of each other. Some while trying to explain the occult scientifically resulted in practicing the occult themselves. Others became so obsessed with their experiments that their moral integrity crumbled leaving them deeply disturbed and out of touch with reality.

Information donated by Jesper Renfold of the Van Creed

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