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Loki Eliot

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”’Babbage Facts”’

One of the founders of New Babbage. Has been in Babbage square since the beginning. Owns the Old Imperial Theater, Loki Absinthe Cafe and the Cobblestone House. Built the 3rd generation Town Hall, Likes to organise community events like the Burning Barrel Race,  fireworks and occasionally runs an RP.

”’Roleplay Facts”’

A young waif who has inherited a lot from his father Halfrid Eliot and grandfather Alexander Eliot. This includes the Absinthe cafe supplying income for the urchins that he looks after in the nearby rundown Imperial Theater.

Loki is well known for his fun and games, always politely bringing a smile to who ever he meets, but dont let that fool you. Like most street urchins Loki has a playful naughty side.

Profile page: Loki Eliot

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