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Alexander Eliot

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Professor Alexander Eliot is the Grandfather of Loki Eliot and creator of the Porta Terrarum Device. He is known to have been a member of the 13Club and designed the old Imperial Theater of New Babbage Square.

Alexander was Murdered by his apprentice Jason Moriarty in the secret room above the Loki Absinthe Cafe during what has been called ‘Eliot Device‘ Chronicles. His table and books are there to this day. Wether Jason was merely a lab rat for the Professors Bloodmechanoligical experiments or whether there was a genuine concern for the boy, Alexanders relationship with the then young serial killer is not fully understood. What is known is that Jason Moriarty left to become one of the most feared names in New Babbage.

Alexander Eliot’s research dealt with using vast amounts of power to generate an energy field that could open a door to another world. It was his hope that this would lead to a new era of exploration and wealth for New Babbage with the promise of unlimited raw materials and fuel.

His work gained interest from the Van Creed who funded Alexanders research. With this The professor was able to hold The Sunrise Experiment, the results of which provided valuable data used in the construction of the Imperial Theater’s secrets and of course his final work the Porta Terrarum Device.

Although his intentions can be argued as being in the best interest of the people of New Babbage, some have argued that his reckless experiments bordered on evil. Part of the Professors research explore what he termed Bloodmechanology where a humans blood could be used to instigate, power or even control a machine. It was this that many saw as science meeting the occult.

Madman or visionary, in New Babbage the two are often the same.

Information donated by Jesper Renfold of the Van Creed

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