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Van Creed

Archivist note: This article is from an older recovered archive and might be obsolete or in need of updating.

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The Van Creed is an organization formed by the rich men to keep a watchful eye on new technologies that could build on industrial strength and wealth. Not much is known about how they operate but they seem to have gathered knowledge on most people in New Babbage and evaluate their potential.

It has been discovered that the Van Creed fund groups who can supply them with new technologies. One such group is the 13 Club.

The Van Creed have accumulated information on many subjects from Lycanphrophy, Cloud Angel, The Occult, ancient religions, fantastical medicines, mind manipulation, time travel and martians to name but a few.

The only member of the Van Creed to step into the public eye is Jesper Renfold claiming to be the New Babbage contact for the Van creed.

During the The Black Heart Saga three Knights of the Malkuth order ransacked the Van Creeds house of operations killing its members and destroying most of their collected records, seemingly ending the society in one swift action. The reason according to Sebastian Verwood “they held to many secrets”

Since then no one has heard anything more of the Van Creed until the Dark Aether Fell

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