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Cloud Angel

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The Cloud Angel – Secret History of New Babbage?

Written by Charles Norton


A lot has been said about the past of New Babbage, about its amazing discoveries that push our great nations forward into a glorious future. But it has not always been the case. Little is known of Ancient Babbage before and during the Great Empire. And what made the Empire so great?
Many a historian will tell you that it was simply due to its expansion of power over the world. Power gained from the wealth of trade that the empire maintained with a vast army that circled the world.

As is known by most well educated young boys the collapsed. Faith in the empirical governments ability to run things had been eaten away to nothing. Historians have uncovered evidence that food reserves where becoming low, money was becoming worthless and prices for homes and land were on the increase and wars where becoming more and more expensive. The empirical government was brought to its knees and in a final catastrophic event collapsed as the Capital was over run by the people. Following this came chaos, but out of the chaos came order as the surviving Cities without a government declared their own independence.

But what really caused the Great Empire to get in such a state of decline? This is something historians have argued about for decades.

In these pages i will show you the evidence i have gathered from records and accounts dating back over three hundred years that suggest the Empire was built upon great power, and its greed in keeping that power for itself ultimitley lead to its eventual demise.

”’A lost Knowledge”’

My research took me all over the lands, from Caledon to Steelhead in search of clues to the fall of the Great Empire. It is said that Thomas Savery invented the steam engine to pump out coal mines, yet records found in Caledon dating 100 years before this event suggest mines were already being pumped by machines, and with good if not better quicker results. In fact during the mining of materials for the rebuilding of the New Babbage wall, it was recorded that a number of ancient mine shafts had been discovered thought to be much older and complex than anything today.
Ad to this the greatness of the New Babbage wall. By far one of the most impressive man made structures on the world. An Architecture by the name of David Hopton published recent finding on the Great New Babbage Wall suggesting that the ancient part of the wall was vastly more complex than originally thought leading to a conclusion that the engineirs who built it where much more advanced, possibly even using skills and technologies more advanced than todays.
So is it possible that at the hight of the Great Empire were the people more advanced than they are today? are we just repeating our first steps in science?

”’The Empires Great Secret”’

For many months i followed lead after lead. It is a well known phenomina of the ‘Heartless Machines’. In the last 100 years several machines have been discovered puzzling scientists and historians alike. Although the purpose of the machines is well known, many for labour a few for transport, and in one case a huge power generator. The mystery is how they were powered. In each case where the boiler or fire chamber should have been there is nothing but a blank space. Some believe that they had been taken out and reused in other machines. I on the other hand believe the power source left of its own accord, and i shall explain this now.

On my travels i found many references to Angels, and illustrated accounts of machines being blessed by these angels. At first i thought these were just illustrating the hard times in the empire, but with the discovery in a loft in new Babbge of very old written and illustrated accounts i now belaive these angels to be the very power source of the heartless machines. I believe these angels to be the Empires lost secret and plan to enlighten you on their history and how they shaped the New Babbge you live in today.

”’The Cloud Angels – Innocent beginnings”’

The following is pieced together from evidence gathered from historical records.
Hundreds of years ago an explorer of the skys discovered what he described as ‘a cluster of glowing stars’ floating in clouds. He had captured a few in nets and returned to his community. The people of this community belived the creatures to be angels from the heavens and came to be known as Cloud Angels. It is believed the Cloud Angels became friendly with the community and more decended from the skies. The people were taken back by how much the Cloud Angels gave them attention and expressed a keen want to help the people.

Scientists of the time were amazed at their ability to emminate great light which they soon found could be harnessed as power. This along with the Cloud Angels willingness to help lead to great advances in technology. With Cloud Angels concient giant power stations where built and a new age was heralded powered by the energy of the Cloud Angels. Trading of power and resources saw the Great Empire born and great it was.

”’The Cloud Angels – Greed”’

Soon the Empire was supplying power and wealth to the whole world. but it was all to end. What was once given freely by the Cloud angels was becoming more and more forced labour. Secret Cults had started to protest at the way the Cloud Angels where being treated by the corporations. The Big Businesses of the Empire were only interested in their business economics to be concerned with the Cloud Angels needs.

The final event took place just 50 years or so before the collapse of the Great Empire. An experiment had taken place to create a powerful weapon of some kind. It involved killing a cloud angel to release its energy in one go causing a massive explosion the likes no one had ever seen. This it seems was the last straw for the Cloud Angels and they left. No one knows where they went or how, but it seems they had the ability to leave when ever they felt and up until now had hoped man would come to their senses.

With the Cloud Angels gone the Great Empires economy quickly went into decline. Scientists rushed to discover new means for power, but none could be found to replace the awesome free energy of the Cloud Angels. It’s here that the Empire Collapsed due to its greed and careless treatment of those that supplied them with their world. What is more it would appear that during the collapse of the Great Empire, this past has been forgotten amongst the chaos.

”’The Last Cloud Angel”’

The last and most interesting piece of reference i found while on my search for the Empires missing secret is a legend. It tells of a lonesome Cloud Angel who stayed behind after never loosing hope in mans ability to have a heart. It apparently floats above us all watching us with hope in its own heart.

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