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Jason Moriarty

Archivist note: This article is from an older recovered archive and might be obsolete or in need of updating.

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Jason Moriarty is well known as the Monster of New Babbage. Some say he is pure evil while others argue he’s a poor confused fellow but ultimately evil.

He first appeared during the Eliot Device Saga and returned During the Cloud Angel Saga.

It is now known that Moriarty was a lonely street child who was taken in and educated by Alexander Eliot. Unfortunitley Alexander used Jason for his own scientific experiments deeply scaring and changing the boy into a thing unhuman. Mentally scared Moriarty started to hear voices from who he called the old ones and started to mutilate Urchins in his pursuit of Alexanders research into opening doors to other worlds.

Eventually his obsession with old gods led to him using the Porta Terrarum and it is assumed blew up the theatre almost killing himself.

A year later scared and even more insane Moriarty tried to get his hands on a Cloud Angel, a mythical New Babbage legend of a creature with emence power. He hoped it could open another door and allow him to return to the Old Ones. He had gained an ability to project electricity which terrorfied residents. Though with the help of some residents and the Van Creed Society, Moriarty’s abilities became subject to confusion, could he use electrical powers, or was he a werewolf?

During this time Jason Moriarty was seen falling to his death from a Van Creed Society Science Station. His body was never found.

Two years later during the Black Heart Saga a scientist named Slooth Mosswood shocked the entire Town by using ancient alchemy combined with state of the art scientific techniques to merge the preserved brain of Jason Moriarty with an incomplete Homunculi. The result appeared to be a resurrected Moriarty who quickly vanished in a flash of electrical discharge leaving members of the town in disbelief and Dr Mosswood vaporised.

Things came to a head with Moriarty in the Dark Aether Falls. A mysterious man gave a clockwork to the citizens of Babbage and the mayor and warned them not to ‘believe him’, without revealing the identity of whom they must distrust. The writing clockwork painted a horror story of the deaths of everyone in the city and the fall of New Babbage, with Moriarty as it’s harbinger.

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