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The Man in Blue

Archivist note: This article is from an older recovered archive and might be obsolete or in need of updating.

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The urchins of the city struggled to survive on the streets of the city, but a few of them had prospered. Tepic Harlequin had been prowling New Babbage for years and had helped the urchins of the city to thrive, finding safe havens for the impoverished children and new jobs. One of his newest ideas was to create a dry goods and storage facility in an abandoned warehouse that no one else was using.

His prosperity had caught the attention of those with designs for the city.


Tepic Harlequin and some of the urchins are gathered at his Dry Goods warehouse when suddenly they are attacked by several men, who are being led by a man wearing a formal blue suit.

*The Night Attack! by Tepic Harlequin
*Surveying the Damage by Tepic Harlequin
*Samples by Dee Wells

Only a few days later, Cyan Rayna’s candy shop is also attacked by the nefarious men with no warning, and a woman continues her personal investigation.

*Deliveries in the night (image) by Kasa
*Chaos at the Candyshop (image) by Kasa
*Chaos at the Candy Shop by Cyan Rayna
*Measurements, and More Samples by Dee Wells

The urchins see the Man in Blue’s vessel approaching the Vole, but the attack goes in the other direction. While the urchins watch, a portion of the city is destroyed and sinks into the canal

*An Escalation and Tragedy by Tepic Harlequin
*The Wrecked Warren by Tepic Harlequin

The urchins begin a hunt to track down the bombers vessel and finally discover it. When they do, they have a bomb ready to finish their reign of destruction once and for all.

*The Boat is Spotted! by Tepic Harlequin
*The Underwater Odyssey by Tepic Harlequin
*The Wrong Boat by Tepic Harlequin
*August 3 – Matters in Their Own Hands by Bookworm Hienrichs
*A Brief Intrerview by Dee Wells

Tepic Harlequin discovers the Man in Blue at his home and receives a warning

*Tepic meets the Man in the Blue Suit by Tepic Harlequin
*Aug. 6 – A Warning to Heed by Bookworm Hienrichs

Bookworm Hienrichs, who had been investigating the destruction is visited by the Man in Blue with yet another bomb. She valiantly tries to resist with her friend Mariah Lahfier, but her home is destroyed.

*Aug. 8 – End of a Haven (Part 1) by Bookworm Hienrichs
*Aug. 8 – End of a Haven (Part 2) by Bookworm Hienrichs
*Aug. 8 – End of a Haven (Part 3) by Bookworm Hienrichs
*House-B-Gone by Bookworm Hienrichs

Tepic Harlequin encounters the Man in Blue once again, while Bookworm Hienrichs discovers that her injuries from the attack have made her deaf, possibly permanently.

*Letters Delivered – is it better late or never? by Tepic Harlequin
*Aug. 8-9 – Strategic Withdrawal by Bookworm Hienrichs
*Aug. 9 – Communication Issues by Bookworm Hienrichs

Myrtil Igaly calls an important meeting of the urchins to plan and be prepared now that they had lost so many resources

*Myrtil’s Gathering – Jobs, Bombers, and Food by Beryl Strifeclaw

Tepic Harlequin is on the run from the Man in Blue, knowing now that he is a target of the Man’s employer.

*A Close Thing! by Tepic Harlequin
*Sleeping Fox by Tepic Harlequin

Eloise Winchester, the woman who had been conducting her own private investigation, is dragged into a battle with one of the Man in Blue’s mechanical minions known as The Steam Hare.

*Playing With Firebugs] by Eloise Winchester
*Playing With Firebugs Pt2 (Fire-Brewed) by Eloise Winchester
*Playing With Firebugs Pt.3 (Splitting Hare) by Eloise Winchester

The urchins and Eloise try to get what information they can from the destroyed head of the Steam Hare.

*The Talking Head, Pt1 by Eloise Winchester
*A Different Breed Of Hair by Eloise Winchester
*The Talking Head, Pt2 by Eloise Winchester

Tepic Harlequin is surrounded and captured on a trolley and is taken to the villains submersible. He is not alone, as there are several other prisoners, one of whom is a friend of his.

*Caught! by Tepic Harlequin
*Let Every Eye Negotiate For Itself by Eloise Wichester
*Imprisonment, and an explanation by Tepic Harlequin

Tepic Harlequin initiates an escape along with the other captured heroes, but loses something dear…

*Jailbreak! by Tepic Harlequin
*Tepic is Surprised by Events! by Tepic Harlequin
*A Fox loses a close friend by Tepic Harlequin

The prisoners struggle to escape the Man in Blue as they fall one by one before his unending pursuit.

*Mudfoot’s Stand by Beryl Strifeclaw
*Doohan’s Escape Plan by Beryl Strifeclaw

Beryl Strifeclaw and Tepic Harlequin make it to the shore outside Babbage, but Tepic cannot return to the city and goes on a journey, saying he cannot return until he is whole again.

*Rescue and a Decision by Tepic Harlequin



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