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The Underwater Odyssey

The boys clambered down the rocky slope, then stepped round the arch foundation into the cavern below. There, just visible above the surface of the dark water, was the top of a small, wooden, submarine.
“i done some changes, see them spikes up front, an the little barrel on them hooks on the side?”, the proud owner asked, continuing as his companion nodded, “that’s the bomb, we goes under the boat, hammers the first spike into one end, using the rods under em…. they go through waterproof collars…..errr…. i hope…”
Cody looked at Tepic a little askance, as they clambered down to the small vessel.
“Well, a bit of leakin won’t hurt……. we then goes the other end, puts the other spike in, an the rope between em pulls the barrel off the hooks an under the middle!”

He opened the glass dome on top of the boat, and held it steady as Cody slipped in. crouching looking out the front window, the deck dipping forward with his weight. Tepic dropped in behind him, slamming the hatch and dogging it down before too much water sloshed in. He settled himself at the controls, and began peddling, backing out from the archway, the ship slipping below the surface.

The water was murky, and the light was fading from the sky as the boys moved in what they hoped was the right direction. Cody joined in the peddling, increasing their speed, but just as they were thinking they must have overshot, he called out that he could see the paddlewheels! Tepic steered them under one end of the hull, and brought the sub up until it was almost touching the keel.
“Hammer on the rod above yer, Cody.” he instructed, and watched with satisfaction as the spike cut into the wood above them. The sub bobbed down with each blow, but the spike appeared to be securely fixed, and the rope attached to it paid out as they dropped down and headed for the other end. Half way along there was a bump as the barrel detached, trailing the suspension rope and a thinner cord.
“What’s that for?” Cody asked.
“That un? It’s the bit that starts the fuse, pulls a bung out the barrel, an lets water in…. there’s a block of salt holdin back a spring, when the salt goes soft, the spring sets the bomb off, and……… BOOM!”
Both lads looked at the floating cord slightly nervously, and by mutual consent decided to put the last spike in just where they were. The job went swiftly, and soon they were on their way back to the dock, a slight jerk their only indication that the release cord had done it’s job, and the bomb was armed!

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