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The Boat is Spotted!

The small group of urchins met in one of the abandoned rooms in the warren, to discuss the night’s fundraising activities. Myrtil had been running the rose sales and pencil hawking as a cover for others to pick pockets or even attempt muggings. but it required a certain amount of planning if they were not to be caught.  Myrtil, Jimmy and Cody were already gathered when Tepic arrived, followed shortly by Richardus and Nathan. It was decided to send out scouts, to find likely marks rather than wander aimlessly across the City, Jimmy taking the Gut and Iron Bay, while Richardus and Cody covered the Port and Babbage Square. The others went out to the walkway between the buildings and discussed the destruction of the warren across the canal. There were a lot of speculations about what might be in the ruins, especially due to the number of pawnbrokers and fences whom had used the place as their base, but they were put off knowing that there would also be dead bodies in there. While they were waiting, Loki and zaida arrived, zaida in her Sunday best was always a good distraction during forays.

The two westerly scouts had just arrived back and were reporting when Jimmy staggered up the steps to the waiting group, gasping for breath. Several of them crowded round, asking him what was the matter, but in his state he could only mouth a few words, until he took a big gulp of air and yelled “The bad guy’s ship is in Iron Bay!”
The others let out exclamations, and then confirmed with Jimmy, who was now allowed to somewhat catch his breath, that he did mean the boat the bombers had used to arrive at the old factory, the candy store and the warren opposite. All the urchins were filled with excitement, and Tepic cried out “We got em fellas! The Swimming Vole sub is over there!”
He looked at Jimmy, still bent over, breathing deeply, “errr…. Jimmy… we got to run all the way back!”
“Gawd….” was the reply, as the lad fanned himself with his hat.”
“Right! Follow Jimmy to the Bay, i got a PLAN!” the fox boy exclaimed.

The wild run of whooping urchins was observed by several residents of the City as they dashed towards the Old Ruined Causeway by the Bay, to gather looking out over the water. There, below them, was the ancient rusty water taxi the man in the blue suit had been using to deliver his arsenal of destruction, moored beside the arches, and they could see movement from within.
“Right,” said Tepic, “here’s the plan.. these blokes are dangerous, but i got a bomb on the sub…”
“A bomb??” Myril cried, “you got a BOMB!?”
The boy look irritated at the interruption, “two of us go an put it under the boat, then hightail it out of there… the rest of yer go down on Ahab’s Whaling dock, an when the bomb goes off, an they try ter swim for it, stop em getting out of the water..”
“How we supposed ta stop em?” Cody asked.
“yer can keep em in with slingshot an any old poles an oars yer find! Now, i’ll need one brave volunteer ter go with me!”
“Cody!” yelled Jimmy, “Oy sawr ‘im nod!”
“Right, the rest of yer head fer the dock, Cody, if we climb down here we’ll find the sub under this arch.”

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  1. Nathan Adored Nathan Adored August 7, 2013

    For record, I was against blowing up the boat.  I pointed out more than once that if we blow the thing up and they’re not on it at the time, they’ll just go get another boat… which we won’t recognize first time we see it.  I also suggested placing a tracking device on it instead, which garnered blank looks. oO

    • Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin August 8, 2013

      We had a sub…. we had a bomb…. :-) And since we … errrr…. accidently sort of blew up a different boat, no problem recognising the right one next time! See? It all works out!

      • Beatrixe Rouse Beatrixe Rouse August 8, 2013

        Yes!  Next time you’ll blow up the Water-Taxi for sure!

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