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Myrtil’s Gathering – Jobs, Bombers, and Food

Myrtil had called an important meeting on Thursday and the urchins began to gather quickly.  Loki sat in the rafters while Jimmy and many others gathered at the table and enjoyed the few muffins they’d managed to steal earlier that morning.  She was upset to hear that Tepic wasn’t coming and that he was still on the run, but glad to see that their flyers were done.

“First thing is, we’ve been mugging citizen recently, to be able to survive since our stocks of food and other valuables got destroyed,” Myrtil explained, and then went into the other jobs that they’d been hired to do.  Any form of income could help them get through the winter.  Loki was the first to remember how they had barely made it through the last one.  

One of the ways they were going to make money was by looking for a woman named Eloise and a man named Chase for another woman named Audrey Winchester.  Myrtil had found the girl at least and now they could finally report.  “If one of you sees Miss Dee, I’d ask you to report to her about Eloise and be sure indeed to ask for money first!  Say she can be found at Winchester Chandlery in Clockhaven, and that lately she’s spending a lot of time at the Hospital”

Loki and many others started asking about the bombers, but Myrtil was determined to keep on agenda, “And remember if you see a tall, thin, albino man with long white hair and strange glowing eyes to tell Miss Eloise that too!”

“We are searching for people and then mugging them?” Loki asked, still confused.

“Yes,” Myrtil just said with a grin.  This made one of the urchins shout about the bombers again, and she conceded, “Ok, now I’m done and we can talk about the bombers…”

There was a surplus of information, but the important things were covered.  They had bombed their food locations and that they were also targeting heroes who would try to stop these bombings.  They also noted that they needed to start storing food in places like the Imperial, which was made to survive dimensional rifts and could possibly withstand a bomb blast.  They also listed several other urchin hiding spots and places of safety.  Beryl shared Tepic’s theory that it might be a factory owner pulling the man in blue’s collar.  

Myrtil told everyone to start keeping an eye on the man who had bought Loki’s Absinthe bar.
As it was the word was out, find them and report to the militia immediately.

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