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A Close Thing!

Tepic was looking over the ruins of the Thieves Kitchen from the raised canal path, when a familiar voice sunded behind him.

“I too like to look over my handiwork” the Man in Blue said, quite calmly. Before the words were even half way out the boy had lept to the railing and dived into the murky waters below. Swimming to the middle of the water, he turned and taunted the man, daring him to follow in the guess that a clockwork person would be reluctant to get wet, and anyhow, would sink to the bottom of this deep waterway. Being able to float had it’s advantages!

The man refused to be drawn, neither confirming or denying his aquatic abilities, but instructed the lad to stay put for a few moments, stepped back out of sight. Tepic looked around slightly confused at this turn of events, then heard the chugging sound of a steam engine and the splash of paddlewheels. Looking to his left along the canal, he saw the rusty old water taxi bearing down on him!

Striking out as fast as he could, he just managed to swim to a side branch, too shallow for the large boat to follow, and hurriedly made his way to a drier, less canal full part of the City.

A close call indeed!

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  1. Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin August 16, 2013

    ((Oh, the picture was taken later, as missed the opportunity, and one of the normal water taxis photoshoped to look rusty, so if something is different, or if you know the location is not by the Thieves Kitchen, that is why!))

  2. Myrtil Igaly Myrtil Igaly August 16, 2013

    Oh my… Run Tepic, run! Maybe you should go in disguise?

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