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Ordo Lac Lactis Solum

Archivist note: This article is from an older recovered archive and might be obsolete or in need of updating.

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The ”’Ordo Lac Lactis Solum”’ (OMB) is a New Babbage order of chivalry established on 25 July 18– by Clockwinder Mosseveno Tenk and Maceholder Aeolus Cleanslate. It is a recognition of valor and community service.

==Inception of the Order==
===Transcript of Maceholder Cleanslate’s Speech===
(Delivered on 25 July 18–)
Our City has long been the beneficiary of the selfless acts of its citizens – acts that further the cause of Industry, Invention, and the Opportunity to Pursue One’s Dreams without fear of Tyranny … particularly those Acts done with panache and style, the ones that make for a good story around the boiler fire later.

The recent … “incident” concerning the late, unlamented, so-called “Obolenskidonia” provided the stage onto which many stepped.

It is with great honor therefore, that as Maceholder I make tonight’s announcement. To honor these brave, lyrical Citizens, the Clockwinder has authorized the creation of a hallowed order – Ordo Lac Lactis Solum, or in the common tongue, the Order of the Milk Bottle. Members of the Order will receive a certificate, will be entitled to display the letters “O.M.B.” after their names, and have the right to wear their medal denoting their membership.
===Inaugural Members===

* Mr Tinus Koskinen, OMB, for keeping up the morale of the resistance with his posters and graffitti
* Mr Moses Mureaux, OMB, for aggressive guerrilla tactics and success in smashing Smashingtons
* Captain Wiggy Undertone, OMB, for commanding the Militia in the face of overwhelming odds – and retaking Militia HQ from Obolensky’s goons
* Mr Gatsby Szuster, OMB, for defusing the bomb at Militia HQ
* Mr [[yadawiki link="Odnar Halberstadt" show="Odnar Halberstadt"]], OMB, for his cunning impersonation of the Clockwinder and destroying the Lord Smashington at City Hall on the last day of Obolensky’s regime
* Commodore Jedburgh Dagger, OMB, for leading the Combined Allied Fleet to Babbage and ultimately rescuing the Clockwinder, and finally –
* Hotspur O'Toole, OMB, of the Wrath Exile Fleet and commander of the Combined Allied Fleet, for ultimately winning the Naval Battle that let to Doctor Obolensky‘s vaporous end. (Or so it seemed at the time.)

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