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Doctor Obolensky

Archivist note: This article is from an older recovered archive and might be obsolete or in need of updating.

Most recent revision is shown below, by Galactic Baroque.

”’Doctor Gelving Obolensky, CVB”’

Evil Genius. Classical Villain. Dastardly Poltroon. Extremely Old. The dreaded Doctor Obolensky is well known…or is he?

While his early years are shrouded in secrecy, documents have surfaced indicating that he moved to Carpania from Belgium almost a century ago. He attended the Royal Carpanian School of Science! for several years, and gathered an array of black marks the like of which had not been seen before, or since. He was apparently discharged before graduation, but the records have been sealed, and then stuffed into a large safe, which was riveted shut, disguised as a giant clam, and then dumped into the middle of the Black Sea.

Much of the rest of his life remains a mystery, although, has claimed to have spent many years studying the mysteries of the orient and learning the secrets of the swamis. He has also laid claim to being a military veteran of the Crimean Wars, and to have personally designed the Iron Ape of the Indies.

Only his actions of the last few years are able to be verified. The battle with Captain McGurk on the roof of Versailles…..the Auntie Cavorite’s Weight Loss Pill scandal, and the Clockwork Crustacean Plague of Prague all are well documented. And yet, despite all that, he has eluded capture (except for a brief stint in the Other Tower).

The fiend has brought his machinations to Caledon and New Babbage, and has threatened both with a giant mechanical man known as Lord Smashington II, nearly enslaved all of Babbage with a HypnoRay Cannon of unusual size, and endangered all modest folk via his marketing of the insidious Frock-Be-Gone ray gun. There are even rumors that the disappearance of the Babbage Courthouse and Mole Man Invasion were his work, although, that cannot be confirmed.

Recently, he lured the Clockwinder of New Babbage into a cunning trap, and took over the entire town for approximately a month, before being brought down by naval action, followed by a chase through the streets, which ended with his escape dirigible exploding dramatically.

He was assumed dead, although no body had been found.

Some time later activity resumed at the Observatory, and new constructions have risen from the Vernian Deep.

Unfortunately, he met his true untimely demise at the hands of a cunning opponent whom was not heroic in nature himself.  The Doctor has resurfaced in many different mechanical ways since then, as he had been prepared for his ultimate demise to ensure his legacy survived.


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