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Archivist note: This article is from an older recovered archive and might be obsolete or in need of updating.

Most recent revision is shown below, by Galactic Baroque.

* June, 3rd year of founding
== The Obolenskidonia Incident – The Occupation of New Babbage ==

For almost a month the City state of New Babbage was held in the grip of a ruthless force of mercenaries rules over by the evil Doctor Obolensky. The valiant people of the now renamed Obolenskidonia organised a rebellion and overthrew the evil overlord who was missing believed killed in the final throes of the battle for New Babbage.

** June 5th Cleanslate Embarks on Diplomatic Mission
** June 9th Dr. Obolensky traps Clockwinder Tenk, sets him adrift, and announces the foundation of Obolenskidonia.
***Obelenskidonia announced
***The Clockwinder's fate
*** attack on the overlord fails.
*** Mara Razor is declared enemy of the state.
*** Factory production has increased
** June 17th The silence of the clanks
*** Lupindo reports torpedoing of Bottle
*** Early signs of protest, Clanks defaced
*** Artwork starts to appear.
****Primgraph article: revolutionary art
** June 19th The Resistance strikes
*** An aerial attack in mechanical Resistance
** June 20th White ball
*** Ball is a major success despite the occupation.
*** Primgraph article Life in Obolenskidonia
**June 21st Maceholder Cleanslate returns from diplomatic expedition
***What on earth has been going on? – asks Cleanslate in now dead article
** June 24th Primgraph reporter arrives
** June 26th Aeolus Cleanslate goes into hiding, attempts to make contact
*** Transmitting from an Undisclosed Location
** June 27th Rumours of the clockwinders return
*** Could-the-mayor-be-back? A misdelivered crate
*** Attack at loner lane
***  Primgraph interview with General Ashiko Kuroe
** June 28th Sea search abandoned
*** Mr Denimore finally gives up his search. General Lupindo’s rumoured destruction of the bottle casts a cloud over the city.
*** Clanks are destroyed, wrench found
*** The clockwinder’s hammer
** June 29th ashiko-forced-to-withdraw-the Militia HQ retaken by rebels
*** Sightings of the Clockwinder increase. Morale rises
** June 30th Naval strength, Obolensky flexes his muscles
***Cleanslate in hiding, cleanslate-broadcast-the-time The time is at hand
** July 1st the-end-is-nigh Secret message rallies spirits
*** Posters appear across Babbage, rumours spread throughout the bars and cafés
*** Primgraph interview with resistance fighter Tinus Koskinen
*** Lupindo announces increased patrols
** July 2nd Battle of New Babbage
***Primgraph interview  with Overlord Obolensky
*** A great naval battle ensues, the 5 steam nations sail to the aid of New Babbage
**** The alliance fleet sets forth, our allies arrive from the other nations
*** Obolenskidonia overthrown, Doctor Obolenksy disappears in airship explosion over city hall.
**** Overthrow! A web comic
****Zebrati Merricks vows vengance
**Odnar Halberstadt helps the Resistance by impersonating the Mayor.
***Galactic Baroque admits The False Clockwinder
*** Clockwinder sightings revealed to be work of resistance]
*** sighted adrift near Armada, lashed to cork from the bottle trap.
***Rescued by Commodore Dagger and returned to New Babbage
***Primgraph article Jubilation in New Babbage as mayor returns (again)
*** Mayor returns to City Hall clocktower shack
**Clockhaven arrives.

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