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Ashiko Kuroe

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Ashiko Kuroe is a lapine mercenary born in France. He is a resident of Armada and is wanted for questioning by the New Babbage militia and Clockwinder Tenk for his connections to numerous bombings and the temporary taking of various landmarks by his crew.

Kuroe and his crew of mercenaries were hired by Doctor Obolensky for an arial bombing of of the city with Reality Enforcement Devices. The citizenry went to arms and quickly downed the ship, and took the crew prisoner. Kuroe and most of his crew escaped, but Kuroe returned the next night under cover of darkness for his wounded pilot. After extensive negotiations, Mayor Tenk agreed to give him safe passage out of the city (rather than face the lynch mob waiting for him outside) in return for one of his legs. Kuroe left town that night with both legs intact.

Overlord Obolensky appointed Kuroe General of the Air Corps for Obolenskidonia during the occupation of New Babbage. Kuroe fled town shortly before the fall of Obolenskidonia after he received a gift wrapped bone saw. He returned briefly during Fleet Week, and under diplomatic immunity as an official Armadan ambassador, much to the outrage of the Babbage citizenry.

After numerous bombings in April, inquiries with Armada lead to the revelation that his credentials as ambassador were greatly overstated, a warrant was placed for his arrest alive, and in May he was apprehended in Steelhead by a joint Armadan and Babbage force.
After brief meetings in the Militia jail with the Mayor, his right leg was amputated and he was transferred to the Wilde Hospital for medical treatment.

It is rumored that Tenk invited a handful of his closest friends over for roast that night.


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