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Galactic Baroque

Archivist note: This article is from an older recovered archive and might be obsolete or in need of updating.

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Mr. Baroque is a former airship pirate who currently makes his living as master of a tramp steamer. He sees Mr. Tenk regularly for conversation and maintenance of his mechanical heart.

Mr. Baroque wears a mechanical heart as a result of an airship crash which ended his career as an air pirate. He changed his name after the incident in order to fake his own death and lives the quiet life few pirates ever live long enough to see, in retirement.

During the Obolenskidonia Incident, he was a wanted man because of his long association with Mr. Tenk. He conducted the air search for Tenk, and was kept supplied by the Ceejaytopian Underground. He was also responsible for creating the illusion that Tenk had been found and returned to the city by placing Tenk’s tools around town and convincing Odnar Halberstadt to impersonate the clockwinder. The False Clockwinder

Mr. Baroque is a member in good standing of the Rogues and Rakes Society and is popular partner at dances, if he can be bothered to show up. When in port he enjoys drinking, brooding, flirting, dancing, editing the wiki, futzing around his texture shop in Clockhaven, and getting his heart cleaned by Mr. Tenk, not necessarily in that order.


Confessions of a Recovering Space Pirate

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