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Odnar Halberstadt

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Odnar Halberstadt, O.M.B., a miner from Falun, claims kinship with “Mr. Tenk”. He is stunted from surviving childhood bone fever, as are many from the northern mining villages.
==Obolenskidonia: The False Clockwinder==
During the Obolensky occupation, Odnar became a hero for risking his own life by impersonating the clockwinder to create the illusion that he had been found and returned to the city. He was awarded the Order of the Milk Bottle for his bravery and valor. Odnar tells of how he, as Tenk, escaped Obolenky’s bottle trap as follows:

After a long day being da Mayor I decide to go up on a roof to watch da sun set.

One of da urchins scrambled up an da roof and sat next to me.

“Excuse me Mister?”


“Are you the Clockwinder?”

“Sort of” I grumbled.

“How did you get out of the milk bottle?

“err..First I drank all da milk, and then I worked on gettin the cork loose fer a while…Then I saw a some turtles”


“err..Ya sea turtles”

“Then what?”

“I lassoed the two turtles”

“You lassoed the turtles? and then what?”

“Well I rode them.”

“Really? You rode them across the sea”

“Ya sure, I rode them back to port.”

“Then what?”

“Well I met up with da Resistance and I went an met Hotspur and we came back to deal with da Doc.”

“What happened next?”

“Well da Doc kept on tryin’ to escape. I figured he was headin towards his big Smashywatzitz. He went into one of his monologues and I climbed up into the clank and mucked up it’s works. When he tried to use it it did not work. Then I came out and that was that.”

Da lad stared at me for a while with an odd look on his face then got up and left.

Being Mayor is to much work.

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