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Commodore Jedburgh Dagger

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”’Commodore Jedburgh Alexandra Treyought Dagger, OMB”’

Companion, Ordo Lac Lactis Solum

Owner and lead investigator, Terranova Investigative Services

Commodore, New Babbage Naval Militia

Staff member, Aether Salon

Correspondent At Large, Primgraph Magazine

Auxiliary Trooper, New Babbage Cavalry Squadron

Color Sergeant, New Babbage Militia, Ladies Company (Retired)

Lieutenant Commander, Fleet of Wrath Exiles (Reserve Commission)

Jedburgh Dagger is the eldest child of Alexander and Grace Dagger. Her father was a career military officer, who is currently on half-pay from the army and working as an attaché for the British Foreign Office. Her mother is deceased.

Her parents met while her father was assigned as a military liaison to the British Consulate in America. Her mother was the youngest daughter of a Virginia planter, and met her future husband at a social event held at the capitol. They were married at her family’s plantation just prior to his being recalled to a line regiment being deployed to service in India. When she was 3, Jed’s mother passed away from a local outbreak of Scarlet Fever and given the advanced age of her grandparents, they felt it best that she be sent to live with her Aunt Prudence in Louisiana. She lived there until the age of 9, at which time her father’s situation had changed sufficiently to allow her to go live with him at the army base in Bombay. At the age of 16, she was sent to England to attend school. She attended Maudsley’s Preparatory Academy, then graduated from Barksdale’s Women’s College with a degree in Fine Arts.

During her senior year of college, she met and subsequently married a young army officer, St John Treyought. This proved to be short lived as he was killed in action after being posted to the Northwest frontier.

After graduation, she began working with the Foreign Office Department of Colonial Affairs. The actual records of her activities after her first year of employment are currently under official seal. The documents pertaining to her initial hiring indicate that she was working as a reference clerk, however after the first year passed the only records available for public release are a series of redacted travel itineraries, several pay vouchers indicating the title of Case Officer, and 3 citations for “conspicuous and distinguished conduct in the field, location undisclosed”. A further search of extra-governmental sources located a number of diplomatic dispatches where her name is mentioned, but no activities are indicated, save for an official inquiry initiated by the Marshal’s Service about a particular ‘incident’ involving a group of expatriate citizens in New Orleans. A source at the hospital at Chelsea produced a medical transcript that indicates she has received and been treated for a myriad of injuries, to include several knife wounds and gunshots.

She retired from the Foreign Office, and after a bit of traveling, arrived in New Babbage shortly after the conclusion of the initial Eliot Affair.

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