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Moses Mureaux

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Moses Mureaux arrived in New Babbage without fanfare, proclaiming himself and his traveling companions to be nothing more than traveling merchants in search of a home. Initially, this appeared to be quite true. Mureaux quickly set up Arcania Adventure Supply Co. at Port Babbage’s historic Loner Lane offering a variety of vehicles and gadgetry, many of which were powered by what he referred to as “Atomic Energy”. Since then, few hard facts about his life prior to arriving in New Babbage have surfaced. What has become clear, however, is that he is far more than a mere merchant.

== Atomic Energy – 100% Safe? ==

A phrase frequently heard in Arcania Adventure Supply Co. was, “Atomic Energy is 100% safe!” Mureaux claimed that the best evidence he had available to prove this as fact was himself. His assertion was that in his work he was under a near constant exposure to “Atomic Radiation”, and that aside from the minor side effect of his eyes glowing with a green hued light, he remained in otherwise perfect health.

Whether or not he truly believes that atomic energy is harmless is a matter open to debate. However, his claim of only having a minor side effect from his exposure was a blatant lie. It has been discovered that his glowing eyes are not the result of exposure, but of a congenital irradiated nature. Through unknown means, his body produces and stores what is apparently a massive amount of atomic radiation, which is contained almost completely within his internal organs. It has been observed that a portion of the radiation escapes the confines of his body on a consistent basis, even causing his personal effects to carry what Mureaux refers to as a residual “signature”. Mureaux claims to be sensitive to this signature, and can even seemingly track his property via this means.

Although there are some who are wary of his irradiated nature, far more concerning is a rather violent application the seemingly endless supply of energy he possesses. Though an act of sheer will, Mureaux can channel the radiation his body produces into his eyes and release an “Optic Bolt”, using the energy as an offensive weapon. He has been observed using this effect for purposes that range from the innocuous, such as lighting a fire to heating metal for smithing, to the unsettling, such as disabling an airship or slaying an Air Krakken.

It has been speculated that this internal energy actually supplants his need to eat or sleep, as he has been observed to work on his inventions for day and weeks on end without either.

== A Noble in Disguise? ==

Although he was initially able to persuade others that he was truly nothing more than a merchant and inventor, it soon became known that this was much more. His traveling companions were often heard to address Mureaux as, “Your Lordship”. He in turn was heard to address them with similar honorifics. Soon, his new acquaintances in New Babbage picked up the use of this title, exposing “Lord Mureaux” to the citizenry of his new home. However he took this turn of events in stride, and didn’t nothing to cover up the revelation.

Again, little is known about the details of his station, but what he has openly confirmed is this. He is indeed a noble of a far off land known as Arcania, where he occupied the station of “Lord Regent”. Why he has left his home is unclear, although rumors ranging from exile to the invasion of New Babbage have been uttered.

The validity of his noble station is solidified, some say, by the demonstration of his seemingly endless resources. Mureaux has access to staggering amount of weaponry, vehicles, and military hardware. Whether these resources are merely the result of wealth, or a by product of political power is, once again, unknown.

== A Wolf in Lord’s Clothing ==

Since his arrival in New Babbage, Mureaux has made no secret of the fact that he is a Lycanthrope. Many with knowledge of the occult have ascertained that his particular case involves the habitation of an “Immortal Wolf” spirit, which legend claimed will cause to host to live on, driven to feed upon human flesh, until the “Werewolf” is slain. It is unclear whether this is true or not. However, to date, Mureaux has not been linked with any such tragedies.

Mureaux seems to have an unusual amount of control over his “Lycan” form, demonstrated by his ability to think and speak when transformed with seemingly little influence from his wolf instincts. He has also been observed to not only resist transformation during a full moon, but also willingly transform in the daylight.

== The House of Mureaux ==

It has become clear that Mureaux’s fellow Arcanians are in fact his fellow nobles, and are members of the House of Mureaux. There is evidence that there may be many members of this noble house in New Babbage and other land. To date, the only known members are as follows.

”’Lady Neira Sweetwater Mureaux”’, the matriarch of the house and wife to Moses Mureaux. Lady Mureaux is an accomplished artist, healer, and an expert on occult practices. Before her marriage to Mureaux, Neira was a formidable and unrelenting Captain in the Arcanian Naval Service.

”’Count Jaelind “Jae” Densmith”’, the Count of Archforge, and cousin to Moses Mureaux. Jae is rumored to be an inventor, and expert on electricity and electromagnetism. There have been allusions to Jae having at one time occupied a higher noble station on par with Moses himself.

”’Countess Mareah Jefferson Densmith”’, the Countess of Archforge, and wife of Jae Densmith. Mareah’s diminutive stature and youthful appearance are supposedly the result of an accident involving Mureaux.

”’Lady Sumati Neiro”’, adopted daughter of Moses Mureaux. Sumati is allegedly the biological daughter of a pirate captain and a mystical being of great beauty. Sumati is an expert in combat and swordsmanship.

”’Zenjiro Zane”’, said to be a Lieutenant Commander in the Arcanian Air Service. Zenjiro is the personal pilot to the Lord and Lady of the House of Mureaux. However, as His Lordship is reticent to relinquish the pilot’s seat, this position tends to leave Zenjiro with a quite a bit of time on his hands.

”’Nazrienne Scarlette Mayne Gearhead”’, an attendant and personal guard to Her Ladyship. Nazri is a Wolf Maiden of Soulhaven. She was long a friend and ally Neira, and, along with Celeste and Travian, agreed become a member of her court upon her marriage to Moses.

”’Travian Reynarde Hunter Silversmith”’, adopted pack member to Nazri and Celeste. Travian is an orphaned Fox Lad of Soul Haven. After his pack joins the House of Mureaux, Travian soon becomes an apprentice shipwright, learning the art of airship building from Lord Mureaux.

”’Aizek Tchailenov”’, an automaton designed by the enemies of Lord Mureaux, activated among a factor full of his inactive brethren. Although built for the purpose of war, he is somehow possessed of self awareness and is able to make choices of self determination. Soon Aizek learned of Lord Mureaux, the man who is not a man, and made the determination that it was his mission to bring him back to Arcania and save the land from chaos.

”’Suedefro Galaxy”’, who was unwilling turned into a vampire, has found understanding and mercy in the eyes of Lord Mureaux, who is himself similarly afflicted. Brought into the House by his lifelong friend Zenjiro Zane, Suede serves as one of the House’s most trusted agents, all the while struggling against the darker influences of his current state.

== Noteworthy Events==

Moses investigates rumors of a mysterious elixir that allows an ordinary human to transmogrify into one of the Merfolk. Undaunted by warnings of the lure of the sea, Moses indeed procures this elixir, and uses it to transform, communing with a school of Merfolk. However, although in control of his normal faculties upon reverting back, Moses finds himself with an inexplicable urge to return to the seas.

When Doctor Obolensky attempts to remove magical influences from New Babbage by deploying Reality Enhancement Devices throughout the city, His Lordship finds himself completely cut off from his lycan half. Seeing the devices as a direct assault against not only himself, but other he holds dear, Moses evacuated to his workshop to construct an Atomic Accelerator, which he uses to destroy the device which had landed at Loner Lane. With the threat gone, Moses contemplates the mind behind the attack. While he vows revenge, he decides to bide his time, recalling the words of his childhood Vicar: “Revenge is a dish best served often!”

In the midst of the Obolenskidonia Affair, Doctor Obolensky launches an unexpected assault on Lord Mureaux. However, thanks a timely warning by Sarah Sparrow Donogal, the House and it’s allies rally to Mureaux’s defense, soundly defeating the small horde of Smashy Guards. However, once the dust settles, doubts arise concerning Moses’ refusal to allow the House of Mureaux to openly fight against the occupation. Jae Densmith engages Moses in a heated debate over the matter, with His Lordship finally deciding direct action could draw the enemies of the House to New Babbage, putting the city at even greater risk. He does, however, decide that more subtle support of the Resistance might be in order, resulting in his sending Jae on a secret mission. The details of this mission have never been revealed, but many speculate that since this incident, Mureaux has continued to work behind the scenes through out the city.

While reflecting upon the recent attacks, Moses’ attention is arrested by a mysterious object which seemingly appears from nowhere. Upon closer examination, the object is revealed to be the hammer of the missing Clockwinder, [mosseveno tenk” show=”Mosseveno Tenk”].

One of Moses’ most prized possessions, an Airship named the Golden Dragon, is severely damaged by a device gone awry that was built by young inventor and ne’er do well Chess Clowes. Moses reflects on why the ship means so much to him, his rage at it’s near destruction, and the courage with which Softpaw Sommer defended the young fox. In the end, Moses recalls the standards set by the Good Lady of Arcania, Vanessa Dupin, prompting him to allow Clowes to repay his debt by repairing the Dragon, taking the fox on as an apprentice.

– While Lord Moses and Lady Neira are visiting aboard the HSS Gwynedd,  Penelope Strathearnand Zachary Somerset receive a distress call from Lady Sophie Strathearn. The House Forsythe has stolen the last remaining Portal Stablizer, aside from the one aboard the Gwynedd, and they intend to cross the portal to invade. Penelope and Zachary prepare to sacrifice themselves to prevent the fall of New Babbage, but Moses intervenes with a bolder plan. After outfitting the Gwynedd with armaments, Zachary pilots the Gwynedd into the portal and in an act of daring, destroys both portal stabilizers. As the Gwynedd narrowly avoids destruction, Moses, aboard the Great Eye Battle Station, and the House of Mureaux await, destroying the House Forsythe forces that are now cut off from their home dimension.

With the House Forsythe invasion thwarted, Zachary Someset expected his life to return to normal. Not so. He is surprised to learn that even with the imminent threat to Lady Penelope gone, Moses has yet to cease his unending watch over her. When he is summoned by Lord Mureaux to discuss the repair of the HSS Gwynedd, he decided to confront the matter head on. Over the course of the discussion, Zachary learns many unsettling new facts about “His Lordship” that only serves to increase his suspicion. In the end, he is frustrated to find that, even with the clear danger at an end, he is powerless to end, or even diminish the influence the Arcanian Noble holds over his Lady.

When the mention of Moses’ name sparks a furious argument between Zachary Somerset and Penelope Strathearn, the latter turns to her confidant and advisor for solace. Moses engages Penelope in a discussion about true love, and helps Penelope see that, in the end, her love for Zachary will overcome their differences.

== Character Biography & Other Narratives ==

A legend concerning the House of Mureaux’s departure from Arcania. According to the tale, Moses is in a state of self imposed exile as a result of a series of events which culminated in the Commonwealth of Arcania nearly erupting in civil war.

Before leaving Arcania, Moses received a prophesy from the Sisters of Fate which foretold that he would soon find a new home, and for a brief time find rest. Yet soon, new trials would begin. Should Moses complete these trials in wisdom, he would return to Arcania in glory. Yet, should he fail to remain vigilant, he would return to Arcania in chains, and his new home would fall to ashes.

Neira and Jae jointly tell a very similar tale to their allies in the story of the Attack at Loner Lane. However, it should be noted that some details are either altered, contradicted, or completely left out of their version of events. It is unknown if that retelling was more accurate, was an effort to down play the actual events surrounding Moses’ self imposed exile, or, as some have speculated, an attempt to completely mask the true purpose of Moses’ presence in New Babbage.

Long before Moses came to be Lord Regent, he served the commonwealth of Arcania faithful in her Air Service. The story finds Moses on the heels of his homelands victory in the Dragon’s War. However, a new conflict has arisen, and he laments the fact that he will find no rest.

Moses is summoned into the presence of Lord Regent Mardel who explains his mission, and surprises him by assigning his long time friend, Captain Neira Sweetwater, as his first officer.

The story closes with Commodore Mureaux and his cousin Jaelind Densmith discussing their fathers’ impending return, and the inevitable doom of their current enemy.

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