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Gatsby Szuster

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I was born in Krakow, the son of Duke Wiktor Szuster and Italian Countess Anna Benella. I studied at the Military College in Warsaw and was a student there during the doomed 1830 November Uprising. I am very proud to have fought along side my classmates, noblemen, and peasants alike. Our motto was “Za naszą i waszą wolność” or “For our Freedom and Yours.” When all was lost I tried fleeing to join forces with the young Countess Emelia Plater who also refused to surrender. Sadly, she had fallen gravely ill before my arrival. All I, or any one else, could do was aid in comforting her in those sorrowful final days.

Now a wanted man I fled the Tsarist armies to France. There I met with Fredrick Chopin and many other displaced Poles. Indeed, I would have probably stayed in Paris if I had not learned the Tzar wanted to make an example of me. I was planning to flee to the United States when the Tzar’s agents finally cornered me. I was fleeing for me life, running through some of Paris’ worst neighborhoods when I ran into a man calling himself “The Doctor.” This “Doctor” took me me under his wing and helped me escape. He should me places in space and time I can not describe. Finally after a few months with him and his peculiar vessel he dropped me off in 1880’s New Babbage saying it’s a place where any one can make anything of himself.

After settling in New Babbage I became an industrialist opening several businesses. I have made everything from Coal Gas, to pharmaceuticals, to liquor. When the New Babbage Volunteer Militia was formed I lent my expertise as a Cavalry Officer to the city state and formed the original Horse Guard in my former distillery. Now my city needs me again and I once again offered my services to the Clockwinder and am honored to be one of the militia captains. I promise to serve my fellow citizens “For our Freedom and Yours.”

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