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Felisa’s Change

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Felisa Fargazer is a feral cat living in the Clockhaven district. Other cats living in the area are disappearing. Can she save them–and herself?

==Story Parts==

Felisa speaks of her confusion about humans.

Felisa makes an unexpected friend.

Part 1 of her backstory.

Part 2 of her backstory.

The cats are having a hard winter, and Felisa makes a gruesome discovery.

Felisa is helpless to rescue a cat, but learns things for the future.

Felisa puts what she’s learned into action.

Felisa continues to rescue cats from the traps.

Felisa enjoys a cats’ night out on the town.

Felisa falls victim to a new kind of trap.

Felisa dreams…but is it just that?

Part 1 of the backstory of Dr. Ambrose Martel.

Part 2 of the backstory of Dr. Ambrose Martel.

Felisa awakens to the true picture of what has happened to her.

Dr. Martel is very pleased with his progress so far.

Felisa learns how to live in her new body.

Felisa makes contact with her sister, Tealla.

Felisa achieves a breakthrough in communications.

Felisa continues to learn human speech.

Race to Revelation — On Your Mark

Race to Revelation — Get Set

Race to Revelation – Go!

Race to Revelation — And the Winner Is…

Race to Revelation — Prizes Awarded

July 25 – Good Riddance



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