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Lines of Communication

((Private entry, but feel free to comment!))

Since I first began speaking the M’an–the *human*–language with Ambrose, my days have gone from dull to very busy. He spends several hours a day here, usually from early morning to early afternoon, teaching me words as fast as I ask for them. Though there are times–many times, really–when it doesn’t seem as if he’s teaching me, so much as he’s *reminding* me. This back-of-the-head instinct seems to be bringing the words up, helping me learn.

I’ve learned enough to be able to have actual conversations with Ambrose now. Slow, halting conversations, to be sure, but true information can now be exchanged. I’m finally learning more about the whys of how this body works, such as why I bleed once an Eye–or once a moon, as the humans say.

Ambrose is asking me many questions, too. He seems very interested in the ways of the Folk. Some of it I answer truthfully, and as fully as I can. He seemed very astonished, for instance, when I explained how we worship Meerclar Allmother, who created the world, and her offspring. I’ve not yet told him the story of how M’an was created; if the Big Ones have forgotten, as I think they have…well, I don’t know how he’d react to it. I haven’t yet asked him what he did to me, or how. I’ve been waiting until I know more words. I need to be sure I understand him when the time comes.

But other things, I do lie about. He asks about where we gather, what types of food we best enjoy. Obviously, he wishes to know these things so he can have a better chance of trapping more of us. So far, I’ve told him that the Folk meet in different places around the city. I don’t know, though, if he knows that I’m lying. I suppose he’ll figure it out sooner or later.

When I’m alone, I practice walking and moving. I think I’m finally learning to move in this body with something of my original grace; the back-of-the-head instinct seems to be working with my own instinct to create new ways of moving. It’s strange…but also interesting.

I also spend time talking to Tealla. I move as close to the locked door as the metal men will allow me, and talk from there. It’s not ideal, but it’s better than nothing. We need these talks, to keep our spirits up.

I think summer has come, judging from the light coming through the windows. I wish I could go outside, and see what it’s like. I wish I could get Tealla out somehow, so she can find her kittens. If they live, they should be ready to be named soon.

I wish a lot of things, but wishing alone won’t make them happen.

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  1. Arconus Arkright Arconus Arkright July 8, 2011

    An accountant on Perdido Street keeps an English-speaking ginger tabby in her office. However, as the cat is of extraterrestrial origin, the two of you might not have a great deal in common.

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