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Emerson Lighthouse and the Great Race

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Martin Malus, the bartender at the Gangplank, invented a secret recipe known as Plank Punch, a drink that was designed to be so addicting that it was a sure fire way to increase profits. The key ingredient was a tincture made from the leaf that Cleetus grew on his farm, across the fells. After a theft of the Gangplank’s liquor stock, Emerson and Malus make a desperate run to Cleetus’ farm before the heavy storms of winter close the way.

 Prologue: The Raid
* The Raid – part 1 ” by Loki Eliot”
* The Raid – part 2 ” by Loki Eliot”
* Journal Entry – December 3rd ” by Victor Mornington”

     The Great Race

* The North Fells to Dairy Go Devil Challenge
* A Brief Letter and Invaluable Gift to Victor Mornington
* The Great Race – Part 1 by Emerson Lighthouse
* Part 2
* Part 3 – The Bear
* Part 4
* Part 5 – The Minefield
* And the WInner is…

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