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The Raid – Part 2

Pushing back the stiff door the children make there way into the underground passage leading up to the Gangplank public house from the sewer system. Once they reach the bar they start to spread out collecting the list given to them by Mr Mornigton.

They glance at each other with glee, energetic from the thrill of the raid. Someof them lifting the huge barrels of alchol onto their backs. The size of the barrels dwarfing their urchin size.

Making their way back down to the entracne into the swewer system they quickly load their rickety rafts and gentley make their way back to Brunel Hall.

Loki stands proud puffing on his pipe next to a stack of barrels and rows of glass bottles lineing the Brunel Bar. The rest of the urchins crowd around drining from bottles.

“well, you folks done a fine job, a very fine job, i have my chivas back, and emerson’s pub is chivasless…..perfect….” Says Mr Mornington eyeing over the collection, “i’ll have the port boys send over the booze on a carriage in an hour….better to have the port boys deliver it rather than folks seeing you younguns carrying a whole load of expensive drink around the town….”

“We may of helped ourselves to their bar..” pipes up Stormy.

Victor chuckles to himself, “even better”

“right then” Says Loki standing up straight, “i would suggest we dont hang about, dont wonna draw attention to ourselves”

Just then a women in quite an extravigant dress decends down the stairs from the upper section of the hotel. “i’ve walked into a party?, hello everyone” 

“Hello Simone,” greets Victor, “meet the Urchins… Urchins, Miss Pinden, shes staying here”

“Right lads” Says Loki in a louder tone, “careful not to get any dirty mitts on the ladyship on yur ways out” and with that the group of skallywags march out the door onto the street before scampering off in seperate directions.


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  1. Brother Malus Brother Malus December 3, 2012

    I told you we needed better security in the basement, Sir Sir!

  2. Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse December 4, 2012

    “… I told you we needed better security in the basement, Sir Sir!” said Malus.

    Emerson ran his fingers through his shaggy mane of gray and furrowed his brow. “Yeah, I’ll get on that tomorrow Squire. Who do you think could have done this?”

    “There are footprints back here.” Momoe pointed out from behind the bar. “They look small. Maybe it was urchins.”

    “Why would the urchins rob us?” said Junie with a puzzled look on her face. “They drink here for free. It doesn’t make sense.”

    “What has sense got to do with urchins?” Malus sneered.

    “Maybe someone is framing them.” suggested Junie.

    “Regardless, we have to end our policy of free drinks for urchins.” Malus said. “We can’t afford it anyway in these lean times. There is never enough food in this bar as it is.”

    “We will not end our free drinks for urchins policy.” Junie said with authority. “It has been something we have been known for since we opened.”

    “Obviously not well enough.” said Malus.

    “Then perhaps we need a sign to advertise it.” suggested Bert the screever with his always mischievous twinkle. “I’d be happy to paint one.”

    Junie smiled at Bert. “That’s a great idea.”

    “Okay.” said Emerson finally. “It is obvious our days of free Chivas are done. It was fun while it lasted but all good things come to an end. We really need the Squire’s Plank Punch now. It’s a good thing we’re heading off to Dairy for that crucial ingredient. We’ll race off tomorrow”

    “What about securing the cellar?” asked Malus.

    “I’ll get to it” Emerson replied distractedly as he searched the bar for a pencil. “I’m also going to write Vernden Jervil. He’s been offering to sell us rum at great rates. Pirates love rum. It’s time we catered to our base.”

    “Agreed.” said Junie

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