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The Raid – part 1

Loki had been on the streets for a few weeks now after being thrown out of the Absinthe cafe which had been his home for so long. Being friends with so many street children meant there was no shortage of help in getting clothes suitable for winter and a place to stay during the cold nights. But it had become apparent that food and drink was scarce and knowing how well stocked the many public houses of New Babbage were, a plan started to form.

It was well publicised that Brunel Hall had just installed a new spcious cellar and Loki had visited the place but a week ago seeing its rich contents. Now the newly homless michief maker was standing with almost fifteen other street waifs grabbing bottles and packets stuffing their pockets with what ever they could.

Loki smiles at the activity surrounding him and takes a puff on his clay pipe before choking as owner of the Brunel stands before them all at the foot of the stairs.

‘dam’ thought Loki, ‘we should have placed someone to look out’

Stormy looks up “erm…. are we caught?”

“well that depends” replies Victor Mornington with arms crossed, “Who is the leader of this lot?”

The owner of Brunel Hall shakes his head with a sigh as the scruffy children all take turns to point at each other.

“if you all dont decide on whos a leader then i cant make a deal with you all” says Victor hoping for some kind of hiarchy to the group to which he could concentrate his trade skills.

“what kinda deal” replies loki with a raised eyebrow.

“ok…Loki is it?” Says victor as he produces a long havanna cigar and lights it up, ” I’ll make you a deal, here’s the thing…i’m well known ’round here as being… rich”

Loki again raises an eyebrow and takes a puff on his pipe, “Go on”

“I’ll supply your group with 1 barrel of cask stout… 1 case of low alcohol liquer and a half case of wine… Per week, if you lot do something in return for me.”

“and what are you wanting in return,” asks Loki “some kinda work?

“i want… all bottles of Chivas Regal, Chivas 20 Gold, Chivas Rum and all kegs of cask Chivas from The Gangplank…. removed… ” Victor pauses to puff on his cigar, “dont care what you do with it…”

Loki looks around him at the others who are looking at him, “give me a moment to confir with my fellow business men”

Victor watches as the group of unruley urchins huddle and whisper. Occasinally they look up at Victor before huddling again.

“Also, ya cant be caught….nip in during the day when no one is around, Emerson keeps the stock under in the basement… nip in, take the chivas, dump it, drink it, stick a rag in it, set it on fire and throw it, i dont care, i just want to make sure Emerson doesnt have any chivas left in his pub… cause the crook stole it from ME!”

Eventuall they break up and Loki approches Victor.

” if you throw in some cheese then we have an accord.”


End part one

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  1. Stormy Stillwater Stormy Stillwater December 3, 2012

    Was a ripping good time, that was!

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