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Journal Entry – December 3rd

Journal Entry – December 3rd, 188 *sneezes and the quill blots out last number*


Its been a while since i put pen to paper…and…

….one of these days im actually going to write the year on this journal…

The cold has set in.  Although it looks like the snow isnt as deep as it has been in previous years, its being driven by a more bitterly cold northerly than usual, the cold wind is biting, very very cold.

All the decorations are now up in the hotel and the residents of the place have been walking around with a christmas cheer smile… or they are drunk due to my special sale on Chivas.  Which leads me onto something else….

That buffoon Emerson “Sir Sir” Lighthouse, the “famed” adventurer…PAH!

His little forays into my cellar to lift vast quantities of Chivas regal has came to an end.  Yesterday afternoon I can across an enterprising group of Urchins, a large group, probably about 14 of them, all inside the new cellar of the hotel trying to lift off what they can and carry it off to god knows where, probably the new location of that Sneaky Vole place they all get drunk at.

I took this as an opportunity.

Urchins, can do what big folks cant, they can get into place without anyone noticing and…borrow stuff.

I made a deal with their leader, for them to go into The Gangplank and confiscate all of Emerson’s stocks of Chivas, and they did.  It turns out Emerson even had kegged Chivas down in that basement.  All in all I think I have recouped all of the stolen alcohol from Brunel Hall, I have no much Chivas infact that im having a special sale on the stuff and the hotel residents have been making the most of the sale.  It not often you get a chance to buy Chivas Gold 20 at half price.  Heck, one of the hotel residents bought 10 bottles this morning.

The deal i struck supplies the Sneaky Vole with a modest amount of frothy medium wheighted beer, a half crate of wine and a crate of low alchol liquer a weekk and cheese…for Gilly.  It sounds a lot, but if its added as spillage i can cover it up in the books…easy enough to do.

As for The Gangplank…they are now Chivasless…there be no Chivas in that pub.  That will really annoy Emerson, but more importantly it will annoy that Malus fellow cause lets be honest here, its more than likley Malus which is taking care of the stock in that pub…him loosing all that chivas, and god knows what else, will cause friction between Sir Sir and his staff…

All in all, this has been a good day.

Also, it seems that there has been whispers around town of an impending coal shortage, i TOLD the lads down at Port that there wasnt enough coal shipments coming in, would they listen?  NOOOOOOOOOOOO….

Thankfully Brunel Hall’s 12 fireplaces are all wood burners.

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  1. Mr. Arnold Mr. Arnold December 3, 2012

    Arnold laid back and sipped the Chivas that Victor had given him months before, and that had been held in the Sonnerstein house all this time.  He couldn’t think of a better way to end the day, besides with a touch of the now daily requirement of catnip.*

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