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Martin Malus

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Martin Malus was in the corps of students at the Church school as a resident novice. He is a native of New Babbage and was noted for his arrogant attitude. It took him 5 times to pass the entrance exams. He would not have lasted long in his studies if not for his study partner, Brother Anton Riddler. He was an avid student of swordplay under Dominic Lapis, as the image suited his romantic nature and love of Imperial lore.

Malus was seduced into taking an experimental serum that was given to him by a rogue cleric that enhanced his nervous system, by which he would be able to interface with a calculating engine through the use of special goggles. He did not follow through with the final interfacing, but it left him with enhanced night vision, as well as physical and mental agility. Brother Lapis watched him carefully for other side effects, as previous test subjects had killed themselves after interfacing with the machine.

He left the Church to be the squire of Sir Emerson Lighthouse, and ended up on an island in the south seas.
*Sir Emerson Lighthouse and the Hoja del Diable Dulce

A rescue mission was launched to recover Malus after Emerson received a mysterious message that Malus had vanished on a mission to a neighboring island. Malus was found leading a tribe of native people in an ancient jungle city.
*Sir Emerson Lighthouse and the Search for Malus

In the course of the adventure, it was revealed that Martin was, in fact, the son of the Elvira Foehammer, which certainly explained a lot about his personality.

Martin returned to New Babbage and was hired by Emerson Lighthouse to be the new bartender at the Gangplank.

During an adventure in the caverns under Clockhaven, Malus learned that his family had a connection to the legendary Dunsany Institution.
* Sir Emerson Lighthouse and the Mushrooms of Mars

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