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Elvira Foehammer

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Mrs. Elvira Foehammer is a large overbearing woman who once lead the local temperance society. For all we know, she still does.

She has been a social worker who facilitated adoptions of children into worthy homes. She claims to have driven the Dagons from Falun and is responsible for the demise of the New Champagne Rooms and is strongly suspected in the fire that consumed the Babbage Square Brewery.

It is also rumored that she has a son.

==Mrs. Foehammer and the New Champagne Rooms==

Mrs. Foehammer has a chance meeting with Mr. Loosetrife
*What Is Right, Surely Is Right

The New Champagne Rooms are vandalized.
*The New Champagne Rooms has been ransacked!!
*Temperance with a Temper

Fire destroys the New Champagne Rooms.
* Miss Bookworm Hienrich’s written account

==Other Sightings==
Mrs. Foehammer was active about a year later, in midsummer. Perhaps the summer heat is too much for her sensibilities.
*Temperance Trouble

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