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Dominic Lapis

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Brother Lapis was brought to New Babbage at the request of Father Ora Moonwall to be the fencing master at the Church School. He teaches also teaches military science and geometry. He has been conditioned in the highest mental disciplines of the Hubertite Order and is capable of achieving the Archimedian State. He does not sleep well and often spends his nights playing his guitar in the classical Spanish style.

Lapis grew up in the countryside surrounding Ravila. He was identified as an artillery calculator as a boy, and his schooling was later interrupted in his early teens when he was conscripted by the local militia to serve as a general military calculator. After the completion of his studies he was offered a position with a minor duke in the warring nations that riddle the southern Magyar regions. The Duke refused to listen to his counselors and waged a war that was lost. Lapis escaped the firing squads by posing as a footsoldier after he performed the Duke’s final orders.

Both Brother Lapis and Brother Eli Rudyard had a difficult time adjusting to the social climate of New Babbage, where the Church does not enjoy the political power it has in Ravila. His students call him a “Demonic” behind his back for the amount of work he assigns.


During a visit with a cleric in Ravila, the Melniks learned that the name ‘Lapis’ was given to him by the Church because he was thought to be stupid. The proctors later learned he was simply hard of hearing from his career as a boy soldier.

*Brotherly Hospitality

Brother Lapis used his family name, Domingo Sebastiano da Gaminha Rendeiro, while brokering a truce between ‘Cuffs and The Gangplank during the Bar Wars incident.

*Bar Wars: Official Missive to Sir Sir Emerson Lighthouse

Lapis is known to be a regular patron of the Blue Sparrow.

*The Red-Light Artist

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